Autumn in Prague

Autumn in Prague I divided into two period still warm and already rainy. The first one can stretch from September till late October, when the temperature keeps above +20 Celsius and people still wear summer clothes. But let’s have a closer look at autumn weather in Prague.


September in Prague is a continuation of high touristic season. After hot August come a bit rainy days proceeded with Indian Summer. My first ever visit to Czechia was in September and I still remember how warm and comfortable it was. So in case you are thinking of the best time to travel to the city of 100 spires, pick up the beginning of the 9th month.

Weather in September

First to weeks of September are usually very warm and almost with no rains. Sometimes the temperature surprises with +30 Celsius during the day and some chilly +15 in the evening. If you are lucky to be in Prague these days, you will admire every single hour of your trip.

  • Day average temperature in September: +19 °C;
  • Night average temperature in September: +11 °C;
  • Number of sunny days in September: 7;
  • Average rainfall in September: 35 mm;
  • Relative average humidity in September: 70%.

What to wear in September in Prague?

Thinking about the clothes you need to put into your suitcase before you travel to Prague in September, mind that rainy days still take place, though they are quite warm. Therefore you need to have at least two sets of things to wear: summer look for sunny days and autumn one for rainy. An umbrella or poncho should be in your backpack as well.


October usually begins with warm and sunny days, when the temperature is about +18 Celsius. It is still a warm and comfortable month for traveling to Prague. But the season goes down, thus more cheaper variants of hotels are available. Unfortunately, the 1st of October in Czechia is the last day, when numerous Czech castles, parks and gardens work. Therefore the number of things to do and to see in Prague decreases.

Weather in October

October is a very beautiful month and good choice for a stay in Autumn in Prague. Because of Autumn weather it is very bright in the city. All the trees are colored yellow, golden, orange and a bit green. Huge fluffy clouds hid the sun and create amazing light.

  • Day average temperature in October: +15 °C;
  • Night average temperature in October: +8 °C;
  • Number of sunny days in October: 7;
  • Average rainfall in October: 60 mm;
  • Relative average humidity in October: 80%.

What to wear in October in Prague?

First of all make sure that in your bag there are enough of water proof shoes and an umbrella or poncho. I would not recommend very light clothes, but rather to take jackets and coats. For fashion lovers, October in Prague is a nice opportunity to wear fancy hats. Also mind the shoes. They should be very comfortable, because cobblestones after the rain are very slippery.


November in Prague is a real farewell with the Sun. This yellow object disappears from Czech sky and seldom pays visits. So make sure that you plan your trip properly and get warm enough clothes. I personally call November the month of Museum in Prague or the most poetic month.

Weather in November

Grey is the main color of November in Prague the same is the weather. There is always space for tricky game of sunny and rainy hours. November morning can be bright, when in the afternoon it rains cats and dogs. Therefore I recommend to wake up as early as possible and to discover Prague attractions in the best way.

  • Day average temperature in November: +10 °C;
  • Night average temperature in November: +5 °C;
  • Number of sunny days in November: 4;
  • Average rainfall in November: 80 mm;
  • Relative average humidity in November: 81%.

What to wear in November in Prague?

Since November is already on the boarder between Autumn and Winter, you need to have either waterproof clothes and shoes as well as hats and gloves. Morning and evening can be very chilly. I personally usually put on rubber boots. You can buy a pair of such shoes in VnitroBlock.

What to do in Autumn in Prague 2017 (calendar)

The most attractive events in Autumn in Prague are closely linked with agriculture. Harvesting period has always been a festive period, because from old times Slavs used to share the fresh vegetables, fruits and vine. Therefore, the period from September till November is attractive for food and vine lovers.

Autumn in Prague is very interesting period with lots of tasty and colorful events. Local farmers bring lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to the markets. Vine shops offer tastings and generally the atmosphere of the city is amazing!

Vova Novaque
Prague expert, photographer, guide and traveler. Love every of 100 spires in Prague.