Plan a trip to Czechia and day trips from Prague. The most popular destinations for guided tours are:

  • Czech Krumlov;
  • Kutna Hora;
  • Karlstejn Castle;
  • Karlovy Vary;
  • Dresden.

Day trip to Hluboka nad Vltavou and Czech Krumlov

Czech Krumlov (Český Krumlov) and the Chateau in Hluboka nad Vltavou (Hluboká nad Vltavou) are among the most popular places to visit in Czechia. Day trip groups to these locations start every day from early morning. The road is over 200 kilometers (120 miles) from Prague. But don’t get scared with this figure. On the way you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and cosy villages, countryside and forests of the Czech Republic.

How to get?

There are two possible ways of getting to Krumlov from Prague: with a guided tour or by yourself. The second one is absolutely cheaper, because you can book tickets at

But getting from one place to another (from Krumlov to Hluboka) can be quite challenging. You will have to walk a distance to the railway station. Than buy tickets and after to find the way to the Chateau.

Booking a tour from Prague with a guide you get transport and a local English speaking guide to show you around. To my mind this variant for a day trip to Krumlov and Hluboka is the best idea for. If you are interested, give me a note to get all further information with most fair prices and friendly recommendations.

Czech Krumlov is included into the list of UNESCO world heritage

Day trip to Kutná Hora and Bone Church

Day trip to Kutná Hora from Prague is quite a mysterious trip. It will take half of a day and will be quite a thrilling voyage. During the tour to Kutna Hora and Bone Church you will visit and learn the history of the biggest and most fascinating human bones storage in the world. You will get shocked with how a small chapel is decorated.

Since Kutna Hora used to be the first silver mine. Part of the trip is devoted to Italian Court or as they say Royal mint. This is the place where the first Czech groschen were made. Today the mines serve only as touristic attractions.

Another place to see in Kutna Hora is the Cathedral of Saint Barbara. It was the place where the famous Omen horror movie was filmed. Do you remember it? This is a fascinating construction with a long history. Saint Barbara is considered to be the patron of all miners.

How to get?

This day trip can be made as a self guided or with a tour guide from Prague. If you go on your own, check the website for train connection and if you would like to book a tour, proceed to contact and let me know about the dates.

Kutna Hora is included into the list of UNESCO world’s heritage

Day trip to Karlštejn Castle

Karlstejn used to be the most protected castles in Bohemia. Therefore I strongly recommend to think over a day trip to Karlštejn Castle. It is located only some 30 kilometers from Prague. This close distance was a part of the plan according to which the royal jewelry and the Crown of Holy Roman Empire in case of danger should have been taken to from Prague Castle.

The castle was planned by one of the most known kings of Czechia – Charles IV. He was controlling every step of the construction. Karlstejn survived several reconstructions and now is presented in neo-gothic style.

Due to close distance to Karstejn from Prague it is easier to get by train or to book a guide tour or even better to have a bike tour from Prague. Contact me for more details.

Day trip to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the most popular in Czechia baths and SPA resort. According to a legend one of the royal hunters dogs got into a little pond with hot water. The scientists studied the place and suggested making a medical resort around the area, because the waters treated diseases. So now this place is known as Karlovy Vary.

The city lives from tourism. All the business is built on tourists: restaurants, hotels, souvenirs, Spa and relaxing zones. Locals can’t afford much of the service here. Once a year Karlovy Vary gathers cinematographic elite from all over the world at the film festival.

On the one day trip to Vary you will be able to see the city around, to taste water from springs and in case you feel like, to drop into spa. Among other interesting attractions you can find: Bohemia Glass factory and Krusovice brewery.

This tour is better to have with a guide, because the distance from Prague is not short and the city of Vary is quite hilly and not so much comfortable to walk around.

Day trip to Dresden

The history of Czechia is interconnected with the history of Germany. Therefore I strongly recommend all my friends to go for a day trip from Prague to Dresden. Today the city is a modern reflection of a German Versal as they used to name it before the World War II.

Dresden always used to be a cultural center with nothing to deal with military or war issues. But nevertheless it was completely ruined at the very end of the war and stone by stone the ghost city was reconstructed. It has a fascinating outlook now and traditional comfortable German infrastructure. If you are keen on art – there is a huge gallery to get lost in for some time.

The cheapest way of getting to Dresden from Prague for one day is train with 3 changes. You may check the schedule at If you take a return ticket, it is even cheaper. Guided tours are also possible. About availability and prices ask in your email. I will be pleased to assist.

How to book a day trip from Prague in 3 steps?

  1. Step: Plan you trip to Czechia.
  2. Step: Send we an email to mail() with dates of arrival and names of tours from Prague you would like to book.
  3. Step: Get all the information about open dates and prices in my reply.