Rome at night is amazing. The city inspired lot of people for various activities. Poets wrote millions of lines, numerous songs were composed and pictures were painted. Eternal City has this special magnet which gathers creative and artistic people. I belong to them as well and every time there I feel how Rome pushes me to move and create.

This time (in January) I decided to see Rome like in a movie “The great beauty”. To be honest, I like the picture of the city more than the plot of the film. Being very inspired I took cameras, lenses, tripod and my eyes for night shooting of Rome at night. Hope you will enjoy the pictures and night views of the Italian Capital. Get inspired for a trip to the Eternal City.

Gianicolo and Rome at night

Juseppe Garibaldi monument in Rome at night

I started my night shooting from Gianicolo and the monument of Juseppe Garibaldi. He is one of the most respected people thought of Italy, since he was among the fighters for unity of the country and its respect. Every day Italian couples and families come to the hill to celebrate life and enjoy fantastic night views of Rome at night.

Fountain Paula

Fountain Paula in Rome

Everyone knows fountain Trevi, but hardly any tourist of thousand ever read or heard about this amazing construction on the hill of Gianicolo. If you look at the top of it, you will learn the date when it was erased and the name of the Pope at power.

Moreover after watching the Great Beauty you are sure to come to see the fountain, because the movie starts with the scene from this place.

Trastevere at night

Trastevere in Rome

Recently I’ve been writing much about food and gastronomy. Hope you’ve enjoyed already photos and my reviews.

By the way the latter post was inspired by my friend Jackomo. He runs a cosy bistro in Trastevere. And it is one of numerous amazing spots to eat in Rome. Therefore I decided to make a pause and to drop into Take Your Time for a coffee at the end of the night shooting.

Take Your Time bistro in Rome

On my way I took some amazing photos with a lovely lady in Gelateria «Blue Ice»

All the photos from that night shooting in Rome

Below you can see the pictures I took that evening. Roma at night is as friendly and beautiful as during the day. The only difference is in the light. Oh, yes, and the sounds. At night sounds become softer.

People of Rome

Best place to go in Trastevere

Restaurant in Trastevere

Trastevere at night

Bar in Rome

Blue Ice in Trastevere

People of Trastevere

Blue ice cream in Rome

Santa Maria Trastevere

fortuneteller in Rome

Trastevere at night

Church in Rome

Fountain in Rome

Fountain Paola in Rome

Night Rome photography

Fountains in Rome photo

Night wak in Rome

Juseppe Garibaldi in Rome

Lovers in Rome

Night Rome photo

Juseppe Garibaldi

Juseppe Garibaldi monument

Juseppe Garibaldi monument

Juseppe Garibaldi monument photo

Romanric Rome lights

If you like the photo of my Rome at night, feel free to leave your comments. Share with friends this Great Beauty.

Sincerely yours, Vova Novaque