January in Rome is a lovely month. The weather is nice, the air during the day is warm and a bit cold at night. But for Romans it is a proper winter, when they can finally put on winter clothes. In this article I decided to compile information about January in Rome. It will help you to plan a trip to Italian capital.

Italians are known for the style in clothes, they are really good at it. Suits, shirts, shoes, coats, scarfs, hats. These people know how to choose the best proportion of color and form. And what is more important there is no age limit for being stylish. In this picture below you can see how locals get dressed when it is January in Rome.

January in Rome

Roman style

Winter street style in Rome



Bikes in Rome

Do people ride bicycles in Rome


1Weather in January in Rome

If you plan to visit Rome in January, take care of clothes you take with. Sometimes it can be a bit frosty. The other day it may rain.

  • Average temperature +8°C;
  • Day average temperature +12°C;
  • Night average temperature +3°C; 
  • Possibly rain days in January: 14-15.


2What to wear in Rome in January?

If you plan your first trip to Italian capital in winter, you should be well prepared. Sometimes the weather is tricky in January in Rome. For example during the day it may be very warm and even hot. But in the evening, when the Sun hides, the air becomes cold. So you really need to wear warm clothes in January in Rome.

Moreover, the worst thing is the places you plan to stay. Provided it is a modern hotel, you won’t face the problem. But if you stay in the apartments in Trastevere for example, you are sure to have cold nights.

Therefore take pullovers, jackets, hats, gloves and everything you usually put on in winter. January in Rome can play jokes with people. Therefore you need to get ready for the trip.

Coffee house in Rome


Italians eat a lot. May be not more than people from other countries, but they can make of “eating” a real play. More than half of conversations you hear at the streets of Rome are somehow connected with food topic. Breakfast, new place with amazing coffee, plans for dinner, last time in the farmers market. Romans love to talk about food and share the knowledge with others. In January in Rome people discuss Christmas menus they had. 


How people speak in Italy

Read newspaper in the streets of Rome


Another tip I want to give you for a winter trip to Italy, is to smile! Believe me or not, but smiles of unknown people warmed me up in January in Rome more than in any other time of year I’ve been there. I do hope, that you will also feel it!

Italian people

Locals in Rome

Italian grandmother

Rome Trastevere

Young Roman

Happy people in Rome Italy

Italian kid

Vine shop in Rome

Good morning in Rome

Dogs in Rome

Dogs in the streets of Rome

Rome in faces


Among the people you see in this article there are mostly locals, because I was taking these pictures in the morning in the areas, where quite a few tourists could be in that day time. It was my first and I hope not the last experience in such kind of street photography. Get inspired and if you like it, please share your comments and support me with likes and re-posts.

Sincerely yours, Vova Novaque