Hi Friends and welcome on board! Vova Novaque is the captain of this travel ship drifting through the countries, cities and humans’ stories of the world. Discovering new places and making friends with locals in different parts of the Earth, eating, walking and taking pictures: are the passion of mine, which I’ve been collecting in order to publish and share with you. By the way, these are my family and friends who finally convinced me in starting this blog, so that they have an opportunity to get closer to experiences and inspirations I pick up.

Thus all the reviews written, places discribed and advice given are absolutely sincere and come from my heart. I’m not ashamed of any recommentaion you find on the pages (unless with time this or that service looses its quality). Your comments and feedback will help me to get updated on the issues.

Travel in order to get in touch with the world around: start once and you won’t be able to finish

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I was born in Belarus, the country in eastern Europe and which has about 10 million of population. The city of my childhood and adolescence is Brest, just the same as French Brest. It is located on the very border with Poland, therefore there is no wonder, that Poland was the first destination for my cross-border trip ever. It was the time when I was a student and an active participant of European Youth Parliament NGO. All the experience, friends and trip I got from the EYP are priceless.

For bigger part of the world and countries as the US, the UK, Canada, Australia as well as to European Union states such a phenomenon as VISA is almost unknown. It is a terrible rudiment of the past which doesn’t allow certain people from certain countries to enter this or that territory. So in Belarus you have to make a visa almost to any country of destination, but for the post USSR once. Thus in order to set off for a trip one has not only to plan the route, buy tickets and to book a room in a hotel, but also to apply for a visa. And you are never sure, if they are going to issue it. Hence my trips were irregular and I couldn’t plan in advance.

Today I live in Prague, Czech Republic and have more space for my travel destination around the globe, therefore I decided to start this travel blog and share the experience I pick up from every trip. Why is it in English? Just because I want to have the pages in German and Spanish, but unfortunately lack of practical use of these two made me choose the English language and maybe one day I will start as well a Russian version. Time will show.

Sincerely yours, Vova Novaque