Czechia is the country located in the heart of Europe. Since 2004 it is an active member of European Union. Among the neighbors are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Since 2010 it has become a very attractive for tourists and travelers. According to various statistics, Czechia and its capital Prague is one of the most popular destinations for New Year and Christmas holidays, summer vacations and short weekend trips.

  • Capital: Prague;
  • Geographical size: 78 868 km²;
  • Population: 10 538 275 (2015);
  • Official EU language: Czech;
  • Political system: parliamentary republic;
  • Currency: Czech koruna (CZK);
  • Schengen area member: since 21 December 2007.


The whole history of the Czech Republic can be split into the following period:
  1. 500 - 1306: The Great Moravian Empire and the Přemyslid Dynasty;
  2. 1310 - 1378: John of Luxembourg and Charles IV;
  3. 1415 - 1526: The Hussite Era and George of Poděbrady;
  4. 1526 - 1790: The Habsburg Dynasty to Joseph II;
  5. 1790 - 1914: National Revival to World War I;
  6. 1918 - 1945: The First Republic and World War II;
  7. 1945 - 1989: The Communist Era;
  8. 1989 - present: Velvet Revolution and Beyond.
During the whole its history Czechia as a country changed the name, territory, languages, rulers, dynasties, accumulating for future generations a lot of interesting information, unbelievable legends, fantastic architecture and inspiring examples of manpower.


There are 20 cities in the Czech Republic with population over 50 000 people and 6 with over 100 000 people. These are: Prague (the capital), Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Liberec and Olomouc. All of them are very interesting destinations for a day trip.


The Capital of the Czech Republic, the city of hundred spires, the place with the biggest and oldest city centre in central Europe. These are all nicknames of Prague. Being the cultural, educational, political and economical centre of the country for many years, it has become also a popular touristic hub.


Brno is the southern capital of Czechia. Located on the boarder with Slovakia, it has its own charm, dialect, culture and attitude towards the rest of the country. Brno is well-know worldwide for its universities, vineries and amazing recreation facilities. It is also a good destination for a short 2-day trip from Prague.


Ostrava has always been an important industrial centre of the Czech Republic, but due to the fact, that coal, which was the main resource of the area, was limited, the city had to change itself. Today more and more people come to in Ostrava the remnants of the industrial past. It's also popular for an amazing annual music festival "Colours of Ostrava", held in July.


Czechia is extremely reach on castles. According to different estimations, there are about 2000 places which are castles, chateaus or just remnants and ruins of former impressive constructions. Traveling to the places like Czech Krumlov, Karlstejn, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Konopiste should be an indispensable for any tourist visiting Prague. These are the must see attractions among top 10 things to do and to see in the Czech Republic.


Mountains are play an important role in the life of the country. They make the natural boarder around Czechia, thus giving amazing opportunities for active life style. There are more than 200 places for sky and snowboard lovers, with over 500 kilometres of hills. Each year they are properly checked and prepared for new season. Most popular destinations for both winter and summer mountain activities are Krkonoše with the highest peak Sněžka 1602 m.


Czech Spa resorts are the following attractive feature of the country. People come to Karlovy Vary or Marianske Lazne to recover after certain troubles, to support and heal the body. All the medical destinations today have a perfect choice of hotels to stay, multi-language support and perfect service for very reasonable price. That is why more and more people from all over the world choose Czechia as the best variant for travelling abroad for treatment.

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