beer gardens in Prague

The weather is getting warmer, thus beer gardens in Prague attract more and more visitors. There you can not only drink delicious beer, but also relax on the open air and enjoy calm atmosphere. We will mention the best local places with tasty beer and fair prices, description, address, work hours and what is so special about them.

These are 6 the best beer gardens in Prague: Stalin Containall, Letná Beer Garden, U Kunštátů, Bajkazyl, Na Hradbách, Přístav 18600, Riegrovy sady.

Stalin Containall Prague

beer gardens in Prague Stalin containall

The first place in our list of beer gardens in Prague is an open-air spot located at the famous Prague Letna gardens. Some time ago you would see here a huge monument to Stalin, but now it is a cult place for entertainment with wonderful panoramic view of the capital, a bar and a cafe. The concept of a new place is cultural rest, organization of various kinds of events, and of course, good beer.

  • Work hours: May – October from 1 p.m. to midnight.
  • Address: Letenské sady, Praha 7.
  • Phone number: +420 606 381 616.

Letná Beer Garden Prague

beer gardens in Prague Letná Beer Garden

This beer garden in Prague is a highly popular place to drink Gambrinus beer in summer. Besides beer and street food, it offers visitors a beautiful panoramic view of Prague Old Town. At the entrance to the beer garden you can buy a variety of snacks, sausages and other food. There are special tracks for roller-skating as well as numerous children’s playgrounds.

  • Work hours: from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Address: Letenske sady, Prague 7.
  • Phone number: +420 233 378 200.

U Kunštátů Prague

beer gardens in Prague U Kunštátů

The beer garden U Kunstatu attracts people from all over Prague due to its rich beer menu. Here you can try numerous varieties of local breweries as well as famous Czech beer brands. The building dates back to the 13th century and has underground rooms, thought the interior is modern. The cuisine is represented mainly by Czech national dishes. The children’s menu offers a wide range of non-alcohol drinks and a variety of confectionery products.

  • Work hours: from 11 a.m to 11 p.m.
  • Address: Řetězová 222/3, Praha 1.
  • Phone number: +420 601 353 776.

Bajkazyl Prague

beer gardens in Prague Bajkazyl

Bajkazyl is an open area café on the bike path through the city of Prague at Naplavka. Here you can take a rest and try Únětické beer, as well as many non-aclohol drinks, tasty snacks or panini. This is one more popular hangout spot as the establishment chooses the products and beer very carefully to maintain excellent quality.

  • Work hours: daily from 11 a.m. to midnight.
  • Address: Rašínovo nábř., 128 00 Nové Město.
  • Phone number: +420 721 241 516.

Na Hradbách Prague

beer gardens in Prague Na Hradbách

The next place in our list of beer gardens in Prague Na Hradbách is located in the walls of Vysehrad fortress. Locals love this place as it’s nice to have a drink of cool beer and enjoy the panoramic view of Prague’s New Town.

  • Work hours: daily from 2 p.m. to midnight.
  • Address: V Pevnosti 2, Praha 2.
  • Phone number: +420 734 112 214.

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Přístav 18600 Prague

beer gardens in Prague Přístav 18600

Přístav 18600 was created by local people who wanted to make some kind of a cultural spot in Karlin Park. They build open air cafes, playgrounds and stage for performances. Now, if you are in Prague 8 you can take a rest in the park and enjoy beer or light snacks during hot summer days.

  • Address: Rohanský ostrov, Praha 8.
  • Phone: +420 602 306 123.

Riegrovy sady Prague

beer gardens in Prague Riegrovy sady

Riegrovy sady is also among the best beer gardens in Prague. As soon as the days become warm, the park attracts beer lovers from all around the city. These are the main beer served there: Gambrinus 10°, Kozel 11°, Pilsner Urquell, Zemský. Besides this you can enjoy cocktails, wine, grilled food in addition to great view over Prague Castle. The park also has playgrounds, restaurants, cafes.

  • Work hours: from noon till midnight.
  • Address: Riegrovy sady 28, Praha 2.
  • Phone number: +420 222 717 247.

Beer gardens in Prague review

This list presents the very best local beer gardens in Prague with high review scores from tourists as well as from residents of the Czech capital. They have fair prices, tasty beer and cozy atmosphere. Some of them are located not far from the center and offer magnificent view over Prague. Share with us your thoughts and reviews in comments below and tell, what is your favorite place to drink beer in Prague?

  • If you want to find more local places we offer tours with a local guide. In this way you can find out the other side of Prague’s life and get truly unique experience!