Rome bucket list is too big. Imagine the city of the history of over 2000 years, its amazing architecture from various periods and eras. It all creates countless number of attractions and must see places.

Every corner and every brick on a wall breathes with an incredible story or legend. But even the people who have found Rome very attractive to move to the city for good, spend thousands of hours discovering every hidden corner of the Eternal City.

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1Rome bucket list

After many times I’ve visited this city and lots of information processed I made a Rome bucket list for you. It is divided into several groups, so that one could combine some of the must do things in a personal travel plan.


  1. Roman Forum — the nurse of Roman Empire, is represented today in number of ruins and frames of the buildings.
  2. Vatican — an independent country with the smallest territory, but with the biggest catholic Basilica in the world.
  3. Coliseum — no need to describe this attraction, you just go there.
  4. Trevi fountain — a masterpiece of plastic art with romantic ambiance around.
  5. Pantheon — one of the most impressive constructions in Rome, built in 126 B.C.
  6. Piazza (square) Navona — former stadium, but now an attractive area with 3 huge fountains and lots of street artists.
  7. Spanish Steps — the most popular place to ask “will you?”, opens panoramic view over Rome.
  8. Trastevere — cosy area full of cheap and tasty restaurants, bars, shops and just an amazing place to spend an evening.
  9. Churches — huge number, all open for visitors for free, be polite and don’t use flash in your camera while taking pictures.
  10. Piazza (square) del Popolo — big meeting point for locals and tourists.


  1. Coffee – espresso, doppio (double espresso in one cup), ristretto (condensed espresso), macchiato (espresso with drop of milk), cappuccino, caffe latte and others;
  2. Croisants with different fillings: cream, chocolate, white chocolate, honey, jam and other;
  3. Pizza – try to find street pizza which is right angular and classic round pizza;
  4. Pasta carbonara — typical in Rome;
  5. Pasta of all kinds — don’t hesitate to try any other kind of pasta;
  6. Artichokes — late autumn and winter are the periods when to try artichokes in Italy;
  7. Mozzarella — absolutely amazing kind of cheese: white and very soft;
  8. Prosciutto — meat which is cut into wafer-thin slices;
  9. Cheeses — taste any cheese you see in a shop or in the menu
  10. Gelato (it is not ice-cream) — spacial kind of ice-cream with less air and more taste.

4Day Trips

  1. Ostia Antica — history and ancient ruins;
  2. Lido di Ostia — sea and seafood;
  3. Tivoli — mountains and parks;
  4. Assisi — mountains, view and an amazing catholic basilica;
  5. Orvieto — history, mountains, home Italian cuisine;
  6. Capri — island, sea and desire to stay there for good;
  7. Naples — even messy than Rome, but so spiritual and atmospheric;
  8. Positano — Amalfi cost views, sea, seafood and romantic atmosphere;
  9. Pompeii — UNESCO world heritage, ancient open air museum, must see;
  10. Bracciano lake — natural lake, fortress, fresh mountain air.


  1. Vatican Museums
  2. Sistine Chapel
  3. National Roman Museum
  4. Borghese Gallery
  5. Palazzo Doria Pamphilj
  6. Baths of Caracalla
  7. Museum Capitolini
  8. National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary art
  9. Barberini palace
  10. Diocletian baths

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  1. Fight for your coffee — if you pay your coffee it doesn’t mean you get it, because usually in the morning there are a lot of people in bars and all of them have coffee and speak with each other at the bar, so you will have to squeeze;
  2. Queue for a pizza – Dar Poeta is one of the best pizzerias in the Rome, so to try it you will have to wait in a line;
  3. Get lost in Trastevere — use no map or navigation to wonder around this area;
  4. Climb 7 hills of Rome — find all the 7 hills of Rome on which the city was built and try to visit all of them;
  5. See Rome with the first sun beams — get up at 6-7 a.m. and see the city anew;
  6. Have a night walk around Rome — just do it and enjoy;
  7. Run at Circo Massimo or have a horseback ride in Rome  — one of the oldest hippodromes in the world today is open for you, so take you chance and run there a mile or two;
  8. Visit Porta Portese market — biggest flea market in Rome and Italy;
  9. Drink water from springs as locals do — it is clean and fresh;
  10. Make a wish at Trevi fountain — through coins and make you wish!

I do believe that this Rome bucket list of things to do and places to see will help you to compile your own plan of a trip to the capital of Italy. In case you would like to have a detailed travel plan from me and my team, drop us an email to