Prague is well-known for it is architecture, but in these amazing houses built hundreds of years ago here and there open new amazing restaurants and bars which introduce local Czech cuisine to tourists. There are hundreds of places to eat authentic Czech food in the city centre of Prague, which makes visitors a bit confused: which place to choose and where to go? No one wants to make a mistake. We decided to make you comfortable with this issue and to help better understand what you can and should eat in Prague and how you pick up the right place.

During Prague food tour we will take you to the best places where you will try Czech starters, traditional main dish and of course beer. Various kinds of this beverage in the ammount according to the capacity of your body.

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What will you eat and drink?


We have various options of this tour according the level of your local food knowledge: beginner, advanced and professional. With each person we compile individual plan before we start the tour. Usually we manage to visit 3-4 restaurants and bars where you will taste about 3-5 different dishes of traditional and not only Czech cuisine.

Such an individual tour usually takes about 3-4 hours, which is quite enough to fulfil the program. We pick up the restaurants and bars around the heart of the Czech capital, so that to economize time on journeys around the city. But sometimes we can take a tram to go in a different locations. It depends on you!

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How long does it take?


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When does the tour start?


The best time to start Prague food tour is when locals leave the reastaurants, it means that on week days it is good to begin aroung 2-3 pm and on weekends even at 1-2 pm (because during lunch time lots of places are fully booked). But again, this is an individual tour and you can request other comfortable time for you.

The The price for the tour is 150 Euros. This is just the fee of your individual guide and new friend in Prague. All the food you eat and beverages you drink are paid by you. Usually the bill comes to some 20-30 Euros per person.

  • you alone or with your friend(s), relatives, fellow travellers in total up to 4 people — 150 Euros;
  • every extra person pays + 30 Euros;
  • kids go for free.
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How much do you pay for and what do you get?


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How to book a private food tour with a local guide in Prague?

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Please, make sure that you provide us with correct address and number, otherwise we won’t be able to reply to your request. If it happens, that you don’t get the answer from us within 24 hours, please make another request. Hot link +420 774 50 90 60 (Whatsup, Viber, Text). 

Don’t be shy to share any of your wishes and plans for Prague visit, we will help you to make the trip unforgettable. [/vc_wp_text]
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