Where to buy Sicilian souvenirs

After my first trip to Sicily I was really surprised at the choice of Souvenirs they have. Locals produce 100% of local porcelain manually. They take care of quality, patterns, package and merchandise.

There is one souvenir shop in Erice, the mountain near Trapani in the western part of Sicily. It is a perfect example of a real Sicilian manufacture and store. From every trip to this areas I buy different souvenirs in this shop: little, big, funny and serous, for friends and for relatives, for myself as well.

Handmade souvenirs

Handmade souvenirs in Sicily

Most of the presents I saw in this gift shop looked 100% handmade. The shop assistant explained to me and me friends in good English the way they make porcelain and other souvenirs.

Shape and color

Ceramics in Trapani

The shape of the most porcelain items come from the nature. From the ancient times locals have been carefully following the signs from the nature its shape and colors. May be that it is why the ceramics they make is so interesting and popular with tourists.


Sicilian ceramics

Have a look at the photo above and smile. The idea of drawing people of different professions in old school manner is just brilliant. Moreover the creator came up with humor, that attracts attention. Other ideas of Sicilian souvenirs come from daily life.

Where to buy souvenirs in Sicily

Souvenirs from Sicily
Souvenirs from TrapaniCeramics in Sicily

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Address and contact

To find this shop in Erice is very easy. First of all you get to the top of the mountain and start your walk around the town. And than, you need to find the following address. Buy as many souvenirs in Sicily as you can carry, because all of them will be perfect presents for friends and relatives.

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