Czechia Czech Castles and Chateaus

Czech Castles and Chateaus

The Czech Republic is very rich on castles and Chateaus. There are more than 2000 of them. Throughout centuries villages and towns became fortifications. Therefore today Czech Castles is a brand known in the whole world. Travelers and tourists come to visit the castles and chateaus, to plunge in the the history of the places and to see, how people used to live hundreds of years ago. 

Castles vs Chateaus

The line between a castle and a chateau is very thin. But in Czechia you can see the difference very easy. Czech Castles were build to protect, to resist attack and to keep the people living inside safe. Therefore most of them have very tall and heavy walls. From the distance castles look very attractive. But when you come closer, you see nothing but the walls. 

Czech Chateaus have been built in several recent centuries. This constructions served as residences and party places for royal people. Today chateaus open the doors for official and symbolic weddings and elopements for couples from all over the world. Because of this Czechia becomes a popular destination wedding destination. 

Most popular among 2000 Czech Castles

Among my favorite Czech castles and chateaus I can name the following: 

  • Prague Castle;
  • Kriviklat;
  • Hluboka nad Vltavou;
  • Orlik;
  • Konopiste;
  • Karlstejn;
  • Krumlov.  

These destination gained its popularity among locals and tourists because of interesting interiors, collections and locations. They provide visitors with guided tours, well-developed infrastructure. In every place you will find a restaurant with local Czech food, museums, souvenir shops, hotels and tourist information offices. 

Any Czech castle you find in the articles below is a perfect destination for a day or 2 days trip from Prague. You can have a self-made trip by public transport, rent a car or book a guided tours with a local guide to one or several castles and chateaus in Czechia.

Loket Castle in Czechia is rightfully one of the most impressive sights of the country. The Castle is situated on the Ohře river, 120 km from Prague close to a famous resort city Karlovy Vary. Do you know what...
Cesky Sternberk Castle is one of the oldest stone castles in Czechia. Its history begins from 1241. It is a unique place, due to several reasons, but the most essential one is that the castle almost for 8 centuries...
Troja Chateau (Troja Palace) in Prague is one of the most significant Baroque palaces in Czechia. Most likely that the name of the Chateau came up from the decoration of the Palace stairway. There you can see dramatic scenes...
Konopiste castle located very close to Prague is somehow out of popular destinations for a day trip and is not included into the popular bucket lists of travelers coming to Czechia. To my mind this is unfair, because the...
Christmas or even a week before Christmas is the best time to visit Prague and Czech Republic. I wrote about the reasons, why locals don't like the New Year period. Less people in the streets, less queues you either find...
Cesky Krumlov and Hluboka nad Vltavou Castle are most popular day trip destinations for tourists visiting Prague. These two world known attractions will surprise even the most fussy traveler. Most of private or group tours from Prague to Krumlov...
One day trip from Prague to Krivoklat castle is a good solution if you have more than 3 days to spend in the Czech capital. This castle seldom appears in the guidelines. Therefore you won't see there crowds of tourists....