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Prague is the capital of Czechia or the Czech Republic. Surprised? Today it is a very attractive city for people from all over the world. Luxury travellers or backpackers find the city of hundred spires as a an important check point on the map of Central Europe. Within last 15 years the city has changed and became a tourist friendly place with vast opportunities. There are numerous attractions in Prague, hotels and hostels, restaurants and discos, theatres and museums. So let’s discover the city together!



Believe me or not, but any list of Prague attractions is incomplete. The city is so reach on sights, that every guide or local will name a new place where to go and get a portion go amusement. But among them all there is a list of must see or top 10 attractions: Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Zoo, Naplavka, Dancing House, Lennon Wall, Mala Strana, Powder Tower, Od Town.

Things to do / things to see

The answer to the question what to do in Prague, seems easier than it actually is. Why? Again, because there are so many things to do in the Czech capital. Everything depends on how much time and money you are ready to invest into the process of discovery. I would recommend the following top 5 bucket list: to book a private city tour with a local guide in Prague, to climb at least one of numerous towers, to have a boat trip on Vltava, to make a day trip to Krumlov, to walk around Old Town with no map.


Do you like to eat? Do you like to drink? If at least one of the questions has «Yes, I do!» Prague is you place. There are about 3000 places where they serve food and beverages. Czech traditional food is on every corner, as well as local beer. The problem with such a huge choice is to find a proper place. I personally and my fellow tourists have visited already many of Prague restaurants and we share the knowledge with you here.


Life in Prague has always been diverse, therefore there are a lot of people of art, who run galleries, museums and private collections. Therefore, if going to museums in a new city is your piece of cake, check out the list of all Prague museums to choose the most attractive for you personally. My chart is the following: National Gallery, Beer Museum, Alfons Mucha gallery, Grevin wax museum.


One of the most tricky questions for tourists visiting Czechia is exchange. Prague is not a safe place in this term, because in the streets they can cheat and in some currency exchange offices they play with the rates and commission, making people loose the money. Read the article about places where to exchange currency in Prague with no danger and fear.


Public transport in Prague is very developed. Most of people use Metro and trams, but there are also buses and even boats, that help locals and tourists to get to the point of destination and back. But mind that entering any public transport you need to validate a ticket. Otherwise you get fined, if they check you. Be careful with this issue. And never ever use taxies in Prague.


Prague an amazing choice of places to stay. Luxury hotels, modern apartments and cheat hostels provide tourists with a vast choice of sleeping. According to your budget, time and wishes you are sure to find a comfortable place. Use the manual I have made specially for you.

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