But for being beautiful Czech capital is also a very tasty destination. That is why Prague Food Tour is so popular with our travelers. Food becomes more and more important for people and we are willing to share local Czech dishes with you. If you are ready to eat, join us!

On the tour we will visit the hospodas (pubs), restaurants, cafes, shop and markets. Everything is closely linked with food and beverages of the Czech Republic. Beginning the food trip with classical local starters washed with dark sweet beer, we will put our modes on the same wave. Further drop into some 3-5 venues, where it is safe, easy and very tasty to eat.

Together we will get inside the Czech traditional menu. I will teach you local manners and traditions. After the tour you will be able to see and recognize tourists’ traps and to pick up the best venues for your meals. So there will be a lot of theory and practice.

Prague food tour what to eat

Our Prague food tour will bring you an opportunity to taste the following traditional dishes from Czech cuisine:

pickled sausage, pickled cheese, tatarak (raw meat), fried cheese, svickova (special wedding dish), ribs, pork knee, duck, sausages, soups, beer, Becherovka, Czech wines, slivovica (plumb vodka) and of course tdlo.

It is absolutely clear, that we are not going to eat them all. Our aim is to find highlights of Local Czech cuisine for you and taste them.

You will learn

  • Interesting facts about Czechs and local food;
  • Prices for beer and food in reliable places;
  • where to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Prague.


  • Time: 14:00;
  • Meeting: Horse Statue in Wenceslas square;
  • Duration: 4 hours;
  • Price for a group up to 3 people: 200 Euros;
  • Maximum number of tourists: 8 people. For the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th the fee is 20 Euros for any duration of the tour;
  • Food, drinks and transport are not included into the price;
    NB! We provide only private tours for individuals, families or groups traveling together.
  • If your group is over 8 people, please in the request specify the number of people.

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