Czechia Czech Mountains

Czech Mountains

Czech mountains with every new ski season become very popular destination for travelers. Locals work hard to improve the service, to offer best quality ski and snowboard equipment and to satisfy visitors with reasonable prices. We’ve done our utmost to pick up the best and full information about the mountain and facilities in the region.

Here you will find articles about the best places to ski in Czechia, reviews of the hotels and ski resorts in Krkonose, Jestrebi, Beskids and other mountains. Find the best places to go for skiing in the Czech Republic.

Krkonose and Snezka (1602 meters)

To the north-west of Prague just on the boarder with Poland you will find the chain of mountain Krkonose. Amazing area to travel to either in winter or in summer. The highest mountain of Krkonose and in Czechia is Snezka with height of 1602 meters above the sea level. The best ski resorts in Krkonose are: Špindlerův Mlýn, Harrachov and Pec pod Sněžkou. The rest of the places are also interesting: Herlíkovicích, Cerna Hora, Janské Lázně, Benecko, Mlade-Buky.

Jizerské hory

Jizerské hory — amazing mountains in Czechia. You will find them in the northern part of the country. There are perfect facilities for winter and summer active tourism. In small villages you will find cosy hotels, restaurants with local food, ski and snowboard rentals for reasonable price. The most popular destination in this part of Czech mountains is Tanvaldský Špičák.


Sumava mountains in Czechia is the biggest national park in Europe. It stretches for 120 kilometres and occupies the territory of 3 countries: the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. In summer it is a perfect place for hiking and cycling. In winter most of the travelers come to Železná Ruda, Zadov, Lipno, Hochficht and others.


Jeseniki Czech mountain chain one can find on the boarder of Czechia and Poland not far from Olomouc. The highest mountain of Jeseniki is Praděd with 1492 meter above the sea level. The most popular ski and snowboard resorts are the following: Malá Morávka, Ski areál Ramzová, Červenohorské sedlo. Every year the service in Jeseniki mountains is getting better. 


Beskidy is another mountain chain of Czechia. You can find them to the east from Prague in another triangle of countries: the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland. There are a lot of unique nature attractions and tourists have a lot of things to do and places to visit in Beskidy. The most popular areas for ski and snowboard in winter are Pustevny and Bila. 

Krušné Czech mountains

Krušné mountain chain is situated on the boarder to Czechia and Germany. However it is hard to believe, but some 20-30 years ago people had almost no information about these mountains. Today the place becomes more and more popular. They launch new local businesses and services for travelers. In Krušné you will find the most popular Czech Spa resort – Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). Among the ski areas are: Ski areál Klínovec and Boží Dar.

Orlické hory

To the north of eastern Czechia you will find Orlické holy. In fact, these Czech mountains are attractive the whole year round. There are a lot of natural and historical attractions. The most popular ski areal is Skicentrum Deštné v Orlických horách. Besides quite interesting can be: Ještěd, Dolní Morava, Ski areál Kraličák.

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