Svatoasske Skaly

The Svatosske Skaly is a group of granite rocks near the Ohře river between Loket Castle and Karlovy Vary. In 1933 it was declared a reserve and since 2007 it is a national monument of nature. With time they became the most popular attraction of the region.

During the period of romanticism, the place inspired famous writers and musicians. For example, some of the masterpieces of Goethe, Brothers Grimm and Henry Marshner were based on the beauty and the legend of the place.

Nowadays, this national nature monument is also popular among mountaineers, as well as water sports enthusiasts and cyclists. Any tour to Karlovy Vary must necessarily include acquaintance with the local nature and Svatosske Skaly in particular.


The rocks located near Karlovy Vary are a special object of nature in the Czech Republic. Therefore, they are closely guarded by the state and private organizations. They are granite rock formations, which contain small fragments of primary burs. Besides, there you can see some rare plants, which are currently under threat of complete extinction.

Svatoasske Skaly description

The popularity of the Svatosske Skaly is based on the fact that they are one of the most famous climbing sites in the Czech Republic. Therefore, in good weather there can be many tourists who want to enjoy active rest.


This natural formation consists of rock pillars, prisms and pyramids. With its outlines, it resembles a wedding procession, which according to the legend, was a wedding procession. The legend says that in Loket Castle lived a young boy Jan Svatoss. He spent all his time admiring and studying the local nature, and once, sitting on the bench of the river he saw a nymph. She said that she would teach him everything he wants to know, but instead he could never fell in love with other girl.

Svatoasske Skaly legend

But after a while, Jan fell in love with a real girl and they decided to marry in the place where he once swore a nymph. For this betrayal the river nymph cursed the whole wedding procession. As soon as the wedding procession stopped in front of the altar, the nymph appeared out of the seething waves of Ohře and turned the wedding cortege into stones.

And to this day, looking at the Svatosske skaly one can really see a bride with a groom, a priest, wedding guests, musicians, parents and so on.

What to do

As we have mentioned before, the place is highly popular between tourists who love active rest. Therefore, besides taking photos and admiring the beauty you can also enjoy biking, hiking, mountain climbing and go down the river in a boat. As for the latter, there are various routes from 3rd and up to 10th level of difficulty.

Svatoasske Skaly what to do here

In addition to the scientific trail “Doubi – Svatosske Skaly” you can go along the Ohře River to Loket Castle. Opposite the Svatosske Skaly there is a nice summer restaurant with a garden. In addition, here you can take car and bus excursions, as well as walking tours.

Where to stay

The popularity of the rocks contributes to the fact that there are many nice hotels to stay in. The closest town is Karlovy Vary, so there are lists of the best hotels and apartments for you. Choose the one and have a great time!

Svatoasske Skaly where to stay

How to get from Prague to Svatosske Skaly

Here is the instruction of how to get to the closes point near Svatosske Skaly. In the end you will have to go on foot, but the nature is really picturesque!

Prague – Svatoske Skaly by bus

The closest town is Karlovy Vary, so take the bus here from the Florenc station. The first bus leaves at 6.30 a.m. The ticket costs 170 CZK. From here you should walk or take taxi to the destination point.

Besides, going from Prague take the bus No. 6 to Doubi from the Florenc Station. After you got off the bus go to the main road and then turn left. Nevertheless, it is better to ask locals or other tourists, because you will probably see them on your way.

Prague – Svatoske Skaly by train

The train reaches the destination in 3.30 hours. The total distance is about 240 kilometers long and the tickets will cost about 320 CZK. Here is the departure from the main railway station in Prague and arrival at the main railway station of Karlovy Vary time: 5:16 – 8:46, 7:30 – 10:46, 9:30 – 12:46, 11:30 – 14:46, 13:30 – 16:46, 15:30 – 18:46, 17:30 – 20:46. More info here – Czech Railways.

Prague – Svatoske Skaly by taxi or transfer

The price is relatively not big, reaching up to 100 Euro and you will cover the way in 1.40 hours. Besides, you can rent a car for 30 Euro and reach the place faster and with more comfort.

Besides, the place is located within 10 kilometers from Karlovy Vary. So if you are there you have two another options. You can rent a bike or a car and cover this distance admiring the nature.

Svatosske Skaly review

Svatosske Skaly is a national natural monument since 1933. Here you can enjoy the beauty of nature, see the stunning granite formation that resembles a wedding cortege, get acquainted with archaeological research, go active rest like mountain climbing, hiking or biking.

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