Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise is a reserve area of 181 square kilometers, located in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Nearby you will find picturesque towns Turnov, Mnichovo Hradiste and Jicin. Since 2005, this region is considered the center of the European geo-park of UNESCO. You should definitely go there if you love nature and history, majestic castles and chateaux, rock towns and clear lakes, pine forests and ancient towns.

You can walk along the rocky labyrinths, canyons and stone “towns”, going down and climbing up the stairs, changing beautiful landscapes around you. As a reward you will get an inimitable view of the magnificent pine forests, rocks and towers scattered throughout the national park castles.

In addition, there are many hiking trails and biking routes. On a hot summer day, you can swim in pure Máchovo jezero. And of course in the vicinity there are ancient castles and ruins of fortresses. The most famous of them is Trosky, a symbol of the Czech Paradise. In addition, Bohemian paradise is good at any time of the year. Both in winter and summer there are many opportunities for great rest as well as for various extreme entertainments.

Bohemian Paradise description

Since 1955, the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) has become the country’s first protected natural reserve. It received such a loud name from the guest of resorts, who could do nothing but admire its beauty. This often came to the artistic, literary and intellectual elite of Prague in search of inspiration.

Sights of the Bohemian Paradise

Železný Brod

Železný Brod is a city with long history of glass making. Today, it produces high-quality and original glass decorations, figurines and other glassware. Železný Brod is located between the Bohemian Paradise, the Krkonoše Mountains and the Jizera Mountains. Tourists from all over the world come here for a good rest, to ride a bike, stroll along the steep hills and take a row on the river Yizere.

Bohemian Paradise Železný Brod

Valdstejn castle

The castle was laid in about 1260 and people have been building it till the 14th century. Valdstejn castle is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Paradise. In the 18th century there was a pilgrimage place with its own special atmosphere.

Bohemian Paradise Valdstejn castle

Today the castle is a ruin. At the entrance visitors can see a bridge with a gallery adorned with beautiful baroque sculptures depicting the patron saints of the Czech Republic. In the first courtyard there is a small chapel in the style of classicism.

Tourists are offered an inspection of the Solemn Hall, as well as a salon where the gallery of portraits of the last owners of the castle is located. The leading element of the castle is the church of St. John of Nepomuk, built in the 18th century. You can also see the Holodomor room, which is of great interest to tourists, a medieval refrigerator and rock cellars.

Zámek Hrubá Skála

It is a cluster of rocky columns, between which there are romantic valleys and steep canyons. Zámek Hrubá Skála is situated on the top of two rocks at an altitude of about 60 meters above the level of the Libunka River, with a magnificent panorama. And if you want to feel like a royal, then spend few romantic days in a real castle-hotel.

Bohemian Paradise Zámek Hrubá Skála

In the castle area there is also a functioning church, the house of the priest, a blacksmith shop and the castle building itself – the hotel.

Prachovske skaly

Not far from Jicin there are the main rocks forming picturesque labyrinths. This area, which is most popular with tourists and famous as Prachovské skály. Here you can wander for a long time, amazed at the incredible natural creations. On the northeast edge of these rocks there is a beautiful system of lakes – Jinolické rybníky, which is also a natural attraction.

Bohemian Paradise Prachovske skaly

Hruby Rohozec château

The castle displays the Renaissance magnificence of the impregnable walls and the luxurious interior decoration in the Baroque and Rococo style. Personal apartments of members of the count’s family, dining rooms, library will take travelers back to the past. The first building dates back to 1208 and it served as a fortress. In the following century it joined the English park.

Bohemian Paradise Hruby Rohozec château

In the 17th century the fortress was reconstructed into a Renaissance chateau, in the 19th century it was transformed in accordance with the requirements of the romantic Gothic, and subsequent generations contributed to the architecture of the details of baroque and empire.

Now it is a state museum, which includes more than 20 rooms, furnished with original antique décor elements. In the Gothic cellars, exhibitions of the Middle Ages are arranged.

Detenice Castle

Castle Detenice is an architectural masterpiece in the style of Renaissance. It is located in the national park of the Bohemian Paradise. In the XI century, the first fortress was built here, and today it is a beautiful three-story palace with a high tower. Initially, in the XIII century, the castle was a Gothic fortress. The castle is located in an English park, which also has its own sights. The age of many trees exceeds 400 years, fountains in the style of classicism with sculptural groups depicting nymphs and centaurs.

Bohemian Paradise Detenice Castle

After an excursion around the castle you can go to the inn to immerse in the atmosphere of the 16th century – the food here is cooked in the oven and should be eaten without a fork and a knife. Both the atmosphere and the interior of the inn allow you to completely forget about the time, you seem to fall into the Middle Ages.

Nearby there is a well-known brewery and a brewing museum. Here you can try beer cooked according to old recipes in Detenice.

Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

The first mention of the castle appears in the annals of the 13th century. Here you can go to their family castle, which is open all year round. In the park that surrounds the castle, you can see the greenhouse, garden pavilion and stables. Also in the castle area is the chapel of St. Anne and the Capuchin monastery.

Bohemian Paradise Mnichovo Hradiště Castle

Pecka Castle

The interiors of the castle were converted in the Renaissance style. The military fortifications turned into a comfortable manor house with four palaces along the perimeter of a rectangular courtyard.

Bohemian Paradise Pecka Castle

The first mention of the Pecka castle dates back to 1322. The fortress was the property of Budivoy of Pecka and performed a defensive function. A moat was dug around the castle with a chain-link bridge leading to its gates. The castle was guarded by a high wall with two towers.

Sychrov château

Today, this neo-Gothic castle of Sychrov has the same appearance as it was long time ago. Interiors and rich wall paintings were recreated according to old documents and photographs. Pictures, furniture and even floorboards are preserved in their original form. It was built by a French knight and belonged to a noble French family from Brittany. It is the youngest Czech castle and one of the most beautiful and romantic.

Bohemian Paradise Sychrov château

In the 15th century here stood a small Gothic fortress, which was destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War. In the 16th century, a noble manor was built instead of it. French knight Lamottové z Frintropu after the war was awarded the estate Sychrov, taken away from the Czech nobles. In 1690-1693 years he built a two-story baroque castle here.

Trosky Castle

This is the symbol of the whole area, the visit card of the Bohemian Paradise. This is the ruins of the ancient fortress of Trosky with fortness towers on two adjacent rocks. Once this fortress had fame as an unapproachable, but over the past three hundred years it turned into ruins. However, now it has the glory of the most mysterious place in the Czech Republic.

Bohemian Paradise Trosky Castle

Frydstejn castle

The founders of the castle Frydstejn built it at the beginning of the XIV century. It is a typical rock castle dominating the terrain. At one time he performed military functions. During the Hussite War in 1432, troops of Jan Hus besieged the castle.

Bohemian Paradise Frydstejn castle

Part of the premises and walls of the structure were well preserved. Currently you can see: the castle, the remains of walls, a gate, a small room carved into a rock, a wooden granary, two towers, one of which is accessible.

Kost Castle

One of the well-preserved fortresses of the Czech Republic is – Kost. It was laid in 1349 and completed in the 16th century. Almost all buildings were preserved on the territory of the fortress. All four palaces stand here, bearing the names of their former owners.

Bohemian Paradise Kost Castle

Suche Skaly

Suché skály are located in the center area of Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj). The winding river of Jizer divides the huge valley into two sides. On the right bank is a narrow rock massif, and on the left bank of Dry rocks there is a wall of a dissected stone crest.

Bohemian Paradise Suche Skaly

These rocks are the result of climate changes, tectonic shifts and erosion, some combination of inanimate elements of nature and living. The beauty of the mountain landscape is complemented by wild orchids growing here.


Turnov is the capital of the Czech Paradise region, the historical center for garnet processing. At the jewelry shop there is a shop where you can buy jewelry with carbuncles at a reasonable price.

But not only fine jewelry is famous town Turnov. There are interesting monuments of architecture, such as the town hall, houses and churches, among which you can wander, plunged into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Also, this city is the cultural and historical center. And it’s not accidental – the magnificent nature is harmoniously matches here with interesting and unique monuments of architecture.

Bohemian Paradise Turnov

Turnov also survived attacks of enemy troops. And in 1707 in the city there was a strong fire. But in spite of all the misfortunes, various crafts developed here very quickly: linen, cloth, jewelry and stone processing. In the 17th century a glass factory appeared in the city, which produced artificial stones made of glass.

Where to stay

The closest city to Bohemian Paradise is Turnov and here are the best options where to stay. All of the places offer great service and amenities.

Bohemian Paradise main sights

How to get from Prague to Bohemian Paradise

There are no direct buses and trains from Prague to Bohemian Paradise. The closest city is Turnov, and from here you can rent a bike or a car, or take taxi.

Prague – Bohemian Paradise by bus

The route by bus takes approximately 2 hours. Tickets cost is from 40 to 60 CZK. From Prague ÚAN Florenc take the bus line 852. Go out at Liberec station and from here you should go 30 kilometers by taxi.

Prague – Bohemian Paradise by train

Going by train you will need also 2 hours, however, the ticket price is cheaper – 17-22 Euro. Your station is Turnov and from here there are still 10 kilometers by taxi to the destination point. Here you will find more info about the schedule and prices – Czech Railways.

Prague – Bohemian Paradise by car

Travelling by car is the fastest way to get here. You will need 1 hour and 10 liters of fuel. The distance between Prague and Bohemian Paradise is 96 kilometers.

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Bohemian Paradise sights review

Bohemian Paradise review

This is a great choice of destination if you want to get closer with Czechia, find out how it was long time ago and admire its beautiful and picturesque landscapes. As you can see there are many historic buildings and castles that are in perfect harmony with amazing nature.

  • Besides, to get the most out of it we offer tours with local guide. This is the best way to explore this unique place!