Going to Instagram and checking the pictures with the tag #Prague we got really upset seing so many pictures of the Czech capital which could look better, than they look at the moment. Therefore we decided to share our passion for Prague, Instagram and teaching people something new. Combining all these three ideas we made quite unique tour: Instagram Prague Tour. 

Within our individual stroll in Prague we will take you to the best places where you will see amazing views and will take the best ever pictures you have ever made in your life. We will explain to you the basis of shooting and editing the photos with help of your mobile phone.

What will you see?

Depending on the weather and day time we will adjust the rout of the Instagram tour, so that we have the best light in the best spots of Prague. For sure we will go close to Charles Bridge and will climb at least one of the hills. You are free to use both you phone camera or any other device to take photos.

Private Instagram tour in Prague usually takes about 90-120 minutes, which is quite enough to fulfil the program. We will drop into places with free wi-fi for a coffee and to immediately upload photos taken to your Instagram account and to see how your followers get surprised.

How long does it take?

When does the tour start?

The best time to start the tour is morning or evening, when the Sun is not so high. So the sunset or the dawn is just amazing. But again, this is individual tour and you can request for other comfortable time for you. If it is possible, we will be glad to arrange it for you.

The The price for the tour is 80 Euros. This is just the fee of your individual guide and new friend in Prague.

  • you alone or with your friend(s), relatives, fellow travellers in total up to 4 people — 80 Euros;
  • every extra person pays + 20 Euros;
  • kids under 10 years go for a tour for free.

How much do you pay and what do you get?

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Don’t be shy to share any of your wishes and plans for Prague visit, we will help you to plan the trip. Our bucketlists and articles about “top” places to go and things to do will help you. Hear from you soon.