Local Singapore drinks

Singapore is a crazy place, which provides travelers and locals with amazing food experiences. Because of asian spicy and quite hot food like chilli crab I had to drink a lot. At first I was looking for coke or any other familiar names in the menu, but fortunately for me, there were many other ways out. Locals do make and drink special beverages in Singapore.

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1Sugar Cane juice

This is my number on drink in Singapore. It is very fresh, sweet and very organic. The latter i wrote specially for those who cares of every bit getting in their mouth. Sugarcane is squeezed in a special machine like a mill with sharp little notches. After the liquid is filtered and served in a glass with ice. The process takes less than a minute. My favorite among all beverages in Singapore.

2Milo dinosaur

This is incredible cold drink with the taste of my childhood. My parents brought from Poland and Germany cacao in granules. In that time in Belarus you could hardly find anything like that. Early 90s were the hard times in our region. But let’s get back to the topic of beverages in Singapore. So my first meeting with Milo dinosaur was like a flashback to the past. I drank about one glass of it per day and took home a huge package to cook it at home.

3Lime Juice

If you like sour drinks, you should definitely taste Lime Juice. It kills the thirst, but also makes your eyes open wide. Why? Because this beverage in Singapore is made of a handful of limes, ice and a bit of sirup. For me it was a real fire extinguisher after I ate Chilli Crab. It was like a rain in a dessert. So make sure to taste lime juice during your stay in Singapore.

4Soya bean

Soya bean drink is a wide spread around various places in Singapore. I tasted it in a shopping moll after buying souvenirs and tasty presents for my friends and relative. One of the most popular shops to try it is Mr Bean, where they let you choose between different ways of serving: cold, smoothie or frozen to ice-cream. How does Soya bean taste? It is sweet and and very refreshing.


The most attractive of all the beverages in Singapore is bandung. Like a magnet it keeps your eyes and makes you take it. Bandung is a mixture of milk and rose syrup. The latter is actually a cordial medicine, but in a such a combination it creates unique super sweet flavor and color. Frankly speaking, I managed to finish only one glass of it.

6Bubble tea

One of the most unhealthy beverages among local Singapore drinks is Bubble tea. Tough it is very tasty and with the first sip comes addiction. You don’t realize how your legs bring you back to the queue to get another glass of it. Really, the lines of bubble tea shops are huge. They make it of: milk, sugar and as a compliment you get chewy pearls, which squees through the straw.

7Teh and kopi

After experiments I suggest having something your stomach will recognize. It is another local drink: teh or kopi. Believe me, you will be very surprised to learn, that these two words in Singapore stand for tea and coffee. If the former is quite bitter with extra medical herbs added into the pot. It makes the drink very healthy for a consumer. Kopi — local coffee, is made with extra sugar, condensed milk and syrups. It make the taste quite far from what we are used to have as a coffee. Two more beverages in Singapore for you to taste.

8Teh tarik

Teh tarik is another type of tea with milk. It has Indian recipes and origin. When barista is cooking teh tarik he makes a performance professionally operating with hot tea, hope milk and cold nerves. Traditionally it used to be a breakfast drink in Malaysia and Singapore. Now you can have this drink all day long.

9Chin chow grass jelly

Chin chow grass jelly is just something I would never have again. This is the worst of all beverages in Singapore I tasted. Really, it is so so so sweet, that even my sweet tooth was aching after our acquittance. What is there inside of a glass with Chin chow grass jelly? They boil herbs and other ingredients making it very healthy. Well, for me it was too much.

10Barley water

In the whole listing of beverages to try in Singapore barley water is the healthiest one. It is herbal tea made of boiled barley seeds. It has been a remedy for stomach, blood, throat and other health problems.Hotels in Singapore

Observing the Singapore people during eating, I have noticed that locals  drink less than usually do we, Europeans. They make a joke of this fact: the more you drink the less you eat. Which is actually true. I hope you will find the places to taste all these unique and quite outstanding beverages in Singapore. Don’t forget to leave your comments and impressions below.