Belarus is the country in the East of Europe. Since 1991 it is an independent state. Nowadays it has Poland, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine as neighbors. Belarus is out of Schengen agreement, but since 2016 tourists from 80 countries of the world (including EU and the USA) can travel via Minsk International Airport without visas.

  • Capital: Minks;
  • Geographical size: 207 600 km²;
  • Population: 9 608 058 (2014);
  • Official EU language: Belarusian and Russian;
  • Political system: presidential republic;
  • Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYR);
  • Schengen area member: no.


The history of Belarus has several periods. Because of it’s geographical location, Belarus influenced the history of neighboring countries as well. They reflect how the country has changed thought centuries. Hence:

  1. VII–IX — century first tribes appear on the territory of modern Belarus: dregovichi, krivichi, radimichi;
  2. 862 — Polotsk appears for the first time in chronicles;
  3. X century — Christianity in Belarus;
  4. XIII century — Grad Duchy of Lithuania with centre in Polotsk;
  5. 1569 — union of Grand Duchy of Lithuania unites with Polish Kingdom and makes a new country — Rzeczpospolita;
  6. 1795 — Rzeczpospolita is split and Belarusian territory goes to Russia;
  7. 1812 — Napoleon War with Russia with the main battlefield in Belarus;
  8. 1830–1831 – protests Belarusians against Russia and attempts to reunion with Rzeczpospolita;
  9. 1917 — February and October revolutions, when Soviet power occupied Belarus;
  10. 1941— the start of the Great Patriotic War, with every 4th citizen killed;
  11. 1986 — exposure in Chernobyl;
  12. 1991 — leaves USSR and the Government adopted Declaration of Independence.


The country is quite big. For example, there are 6 main cities in Belarus with population over 100 000 people. Hence these are: Minks (the capital), Brest, Grodno, Mogilyov, Vitebsk, Gomel, and Bobruysk. All of them are very interesting destinations for a day trip. That is why, one can travel between these cities by trains of buses.


Minsk is the Capital of the Belarus. The city brings you back into Soviet times. Now Minsk is clean, bright, with well-developed transport system.

However it has also been the cultural, educational, political and economical centre of the country for many years. Without no doubt after 2016 it becomes a new touristic destination.


Brest is the western gate of Belarus. In fact it is located on the boarder with Poland. The most popular attraction is Brest Fortress. The places of heroic fights against Nazis. Today it is a huge memorial with interesting museums and monuments.

There are also a number of good restaurants at Sovetskaya Street, central park and an important transport hub — Brest central railway station.


Grodno is another Belarusian big city at the boarder of Poland and Lithuania. It has always been the city of trade, crafts and art. Today there are two castles in the city centre open for visitors. Moreover one can find Orthodox, Catholic and Judith churches in Grodno. As a good destination for day trip tourists choose Belovezhskaya Pushcha.


Belarus used to have a lot castle, but most of them were destroyed during the II World War. However authorities take steps to reconstruct and preserve the castles. Among the most interesting and popular for visitors are: Kosava, Hrodna Old and New Castles, Mir, Niasvizh, Ruzhany Palace. These places we can also list as the top 10 attractions of Belarus.


However transport system in Belarus is quite comfortable. The schedule of trains and buses going from city to city is well-planned, though the transport itself is quite old. To my mind it is really authentic to make a train trip from Minsk to Brest for example in platskarpt. To check the schedule visit

Minsk international airport

Minsk international airport is a growing transport hub. Today it connect Belarus with more than 30 countries. However the building of the airport in Minsk was built in the previous century and unfortunately the service is also quite old school.

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