Kromeriz, Czechia

Kromeriz is a small city 20 km northwest of Zlín and 60 km northeast from Brno. Since 1110 it has been serving as the residence of the Olomouc bishops, but now it is a quiet and peaceful place with amazing architecture sights, a beautiful castle and gorgeous gardens.

In 1997, the medieval center of Kroměříž was granted the status of a state-protected facility and was recognized as the most beautiful historical city of the Czech Republic.


Kromeriz is located on the site of the Morava River. The very first mentioning about it appeared in old writings dated back to 1110. Bishops of Olomouc decided to build here their facilities and summer residence which laid the beginning of its development.

The successful location of Kroměříž at the intersection of the rapidly developing trade routes prompted the Czech king to declare the settlement as a city in 1266. The change of status coincided with the construction of the Archbishop’s Castle. Most noteworthy, now it is added into the UNESCO list along with the surrounding gardens.

Kromeriz history

The following centuries were filled with quite contradictory events. It has been through ups and downs, seen peaceful as well as war times. Besides, the rolling wave of the Thirty Years’ War in the guise of Swedish troops completely destroyed Kromeriz, which has already become a significant center of Moravia.

Restored by another Olomouc bishop, in 1742 the city was conquered by Prussia. After surviving the fatal fire in 1752, Kromeriz saw Napoleon’s occupation and both Hitler’s and Soviet Union’s armies. Nowadays it is a quite city which displays many attractions, including famous gardens, rich collections of art and historical sights.

Main sights

Archbishop’s Chateau

Kromeriz Archbishop's Chateau

Archbishop’s Castle rises in the northern corner of the central square Velke namesti. It looks like a pompous palace complex. The building dates back to 1497 and since then it has been rebuilt many times. Now it is the Baroque buildings with interior in the Rococo style.

Kromeriz Archbishop's Chateau Unesco

Not surprisingly, these settings have repeatedly attracted royalty and filmmakers. For example, here shot the famous “Amadeus”. Now the UNESCO World Heritage lists this complex and you can visit it with organized tours, including the famous Cathedral Hall, gallery with an extensive collection of works of art from the 16th-17th centuries from the collection of Liechtenstein, a number of internal chambers and halls, as well as the tower, with a magnificent panorama of the square.

Kromeriz Castle

Bishop Karel Liechtenstein invited architects from Vienna to rebuild it in the Baroque style. The surviving part of the foundation formed the basis of a three-story building, shaped like a trapezium. On the ground floor of the building are the main halls: throne, two dining rooms, a conference room. The vassal hall, guest rooms, a gallery of paintings, a chapel and a library are on the second floor.

Kromeriz Kromeriz Castle

The interior of the castle is of magnificent beauty and richly decorated. Frescoes and antique furniture of various centuries, plafond paintings on the ceiling and crystal chandeliers are truly impressive. The castle also houses important collections:

  • library with ancient manuscripts and first-printed editions;
  • musical collection of Liechtenstein, in which there are genuine works of Haydn and Mozart;
  • collection of coins and medals;
  • picture gallery, the second in the country in value. It features works by Titian and Van Dyck, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Brueghel, Veronese and other artists.

Kromeriz Kromeriz Castle unesco

Probably the most popular part of the castle is gardens. The castle park was founded in the 16th century. In the middle of the 17th century, there appeared Flower Garden and Garden of Pleasures in the Renaissance style.

Today, Kroměříž Castle and amazing gardens, ponds and centuries-old trees are a masterpiece of landscape design, included in the UNESCO list as the world cultural heritage.

Church of St. Moritz

Almost in the very center of the city on the square you will see one of the main temples of Kroměříž – the church of St. Moritz (Mauritius). This remarkable church is considered to be the largest gothic sacred building in the Czech Republic.

Kromeriz Church of St. Moritz

The Church of St. Moritz was founded at the end of the 13th century by the Bishop of Olomouc. He insisted that the church got the name of the heavenly patron St. Moritz.

The building suffered significantly during the Hussite battles and the Thirty Years’ War. In addition, it went through repairs and rebuilding many times. The last renovation was carried out in the 19th century. That time the architect was to completely recreate the previous Gothic appearance.

The church houses the relics of St. Vitus, St. Moritz and St. Stephen. Moreover, servants of the Church of St. Moritz lived nearby. You can see their houses in the Renaissance style on the same square as the temple.

Velke namesti

The vast area of Velke Namesti on the banks of the Morava River previously served asa a market. Former shopping galleries are easily recognizable in the first floors of the surrounding buildings and even in the complex of the town hall with a beautiful white tower in the Renaissance style.

Kromeriz Velke namesti

People treat Janska street as the most beautiful architectural ensemble of the city, combining stepped terracing with bright facades of the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Town Hall

Like any other city Kromeriz has a beautiful Town Hall. Usually it is located on the central square and this case is not an exception. It is a three-story building with a high tower, now housing the city council and an information bureau.

The Town Hall appeared here almost immediately after the founding of the city – in 1150. However, the building that we see now was built much later – in the middle of the 19th century. The original one was low, not so spacious and had no superstructures. In 1643, it was badly damaged by the actions of the Swedish army, looted and burnt.

In 1848 it was decided to rebuild the Town Hall. As a result, we got a strict rectangular building with a 40-meter tower, decorated with several dials, preserved from the 17th century and since then regularly showing the time.

City Museum

The Kroměříž City Museum is located in a historic building in 1609 on the Velke Square. Once this building belonged to Cardinal Francis Dietrichstein, who received it as a result of the unification of two buildings. The new owner repaired it after the devastation left by the Swedes.

Kromeriz City Museum

The building of the Renaissance arcades resembles the Governor’s House located next door. Most noteworthy, local residents always considered it as on the most beautiful in the city.

The city museum consists of several sections. In the basement there is an exposition about the history of the city. It displays touch screens and films, as well as original items from archeological expeditions, so you can find out what happened in the place of Kromeriz in prehistoric times, how this small village turned into a city, how crafts developed, about all its treasures.

On the ground floor there is an exhibition of art paintings about the city of Kromeriz and the whole of the Czech Republic. Also in the museum you can find the exposition “Nature and Man”. This is a few dioramas depicting the diversity of animal and plant life in the Zlín region. There is also a gallery which hosts thematic exhibitions.

  • Entrance fee – 40 CZK.
  • Work hours – from Thursday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

More Gardens

And last, but not the least thing to mention is a beautiful area of Podzámecká zahrada. It is a pleasant park with several ponds, pavilions, a bird aviary and a menagerie serving as a favorite resting place after visiting the castle.

Kromeriz Podzámecká zahrada

A ten-minute walk to the west of the castle is another park complex of the Flower Garden with well-planned lawns and architectural elements in the early Baroque style. In the center it housed a huge domed rotunda with the Foucault pendulum – one of the four existing in the world.

Best restaurants in Kromeriz

There are many places where to start the day with a tasty breakfast or finish it with a romantic dinner. Choose what you like the most and find out the taste of local and international dishes. Of course, each place serves excellent drinks.

Best restaurants in Kromeriz

  • Restaurace Radniční sklípek (Address: Kovářská 20/2);
  • Hotel a restaurant Octárna (Address: Tovačovského 318/18);
  • Restaurace Centrál (Address: Velké nám. 37/19);
  • Tudam Restaurace (Address: Vodní 20/32);
  • Café Bistro Matiné (Address: Ztracená 11);
  • Restaurace La Fresca (Address: Velké nám. 109/55);
  • Restaurace Uno (Address: Vejvanovského 468/10);
  • Mr. Grill (Address: Kovářská 126/21).

Where to stay

If you need more than one day to discover Kromeriz and get the feeling of the cultural and historic sides, we can offer you some places to stay. Keep in mind that it is not very big city so the choice is not wide, however there are still excellent hotels and apartments.

How to get from Prague to Kromeriz

Here are the best and the most convenient ways to get there. Time schedule of buses and trains departure may change, so ckech them before going.

Prague – Kromeriz by bus

The route by bus takes approximately 5 hours and the tickets cost 13-23 Euro. At the Prague Main station take the bus line 260 to Brno Hotel Grand. Then at the bus stop Brno – Zvonarka, take the bus line 271 to Kroměříž – Milíčovo nám.

Prague – Kromeriz by train

Going there by train you will need 3 hours. The ticket price is 11-15 Euro. Take the train from the Prague main station and change it on the station Hulin to Kromeriz. More information and you can buy ticket on Czech Railways.

Prague – Kromeriz by car

The fastest way is to go there by car – 2.30 hours. The distance between Prague and Kromeriz is 270 km. You will need approximately 22 liters of fuel which is about 30 Euro and of course, car rent about 30 Euro for a day.

Main sights in Kromeriz review

This city is a great destination if you are fond of gardens, architecture and landscape design. But even if you are not, the whole setting will impress you and leave unforgettable and only pleasant emotions. Besides, we offer you tours with a local guide so you can explore the place in full and get unique experience!

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