Telc, Czechia

Telč is a charming little town which attracts tourists because of majestic historical architecture. In addition, Renaissance buildings surrounding the city square have survived to this day with almost no reconstruction. Their design reminds some sort of a cinema setting with perfect size and multi-colored arched facades.

Besides, many people compare the city to Venice, as the historical center is surrounded by water. There are two reservoirs on sides with a third bypass channel, and the planning really looks like Venetian streets. With time Telc turned into a real pearl of Moravia, so let’s find out its history.


The history of Telc began in 1099 with a small chapel laid by Prince Otto. Then here appeared also the watchtowers, trading rows, merchant houses and town hall. The size of residential quarters was limited to a system of ponds and a fortification wall. The first documentary mention of the city dates back to 1333, when Margrave Karel (the future famous Charles IV) purchased a local castle, and later sold it to Oldrich III of Hradec. The city around the castle started to grow.

Telc history

During the 16th century Telc belonged to the lords of Hradec and the main square to this day bears the name of Zachary of Hradec. A significant trace in the history and architecture was left by the Order of Catholic Jesuit monks. They built a college, an observatory, a music school, and of course many temples, some of which have survived to this day.

In the 17th century Telc became the possession of the Liechtenstein. In 1992 it was included in the UNESCO list as a city museum.

Main Sights

Telc Castle

The castle originally was built in Gothic style but in the middle of the 16th century got the Renaissance look by an Italian architect. In the area of the castle you will see beautiful landscaped garden in English style, with cozy shady corners, bridges, lawns and century-old trees.

Telc Castle

This place attracts tourists thanks to many art objects of ancient interior. The castle owns the museum demonstrating expositions of weapon, household items, unique documents and paintings, telling about the interlacing of historical events in the life of the castle and the city.

Close to the castle is the church of St. James, famous for the remains of paintings of the 15th century. Nearby, repeating the architectural canons of the Jesuit churches, housed the Church of the Name of Christ. In addition, you can take boat excursions around the center of Telc to view the fortress in another side.

Zacharias from Hradec Square

The square (náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce) represents the historical heart of the city, a large triangular space paved with cobblestone. The architectural ensemble is formed by narrow Renaissance facades of buildings, united by an arched gallery.

Telc Zacharias from Hradec Square

In the middle of the square you will see the Baroque Marian’s Column built in 1720. Next to it is a small square. There are also two fountains: the Upper with the statue of Silenus with the child in his arms and the Lower one with the statue of the Holy Martekta.

Church of the Holy Spirit

The Late Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit is the 13th century’s architectural masterpiece of Telc. Its 49-meter tower with the Neo-Gothic dome is visible from any point. Besides, this is the oldest religious structure in the historical center. After the Second World War, the church went through reconstruction and transferred to the Evangelical Church.

Church of the Name of Christ

Telc Church of the Name of Christ

The Church of the Name of Christ (Kostel Jména Ježíš), together with a theological seminary and a gymnasium is part of the Jesuit college complex. Baroque temple was built in 1659-1967 years. The original portal of 1664 is preserved. Moreover, the interior displays six altars of different historical periods.

Church of St. Anne

The Church of St. Anne (Kostel svaté Anny) is a small temple in baroque style, which dates back to 1695 and 1698. It occupies a place on a cemetery for the burial service of the deceased.

Chapel of All Saints

Telc The Chapel of All Saints

The Chapel of All Saints (Kaple Všech svatých), built in 1580 is the burial place of the founder Telc – Pan Zaharias of Hradec. It is a light and elegant temple at the main entrance to the Telč castle, decorated with stucco in the form of flower garlands and fruits. Besides, there are also sculptures of angels. The tomb of the couple Kathryn and Zacharias is set in the middle of the hall.

Church of St. Jakub

The Church of St. Jakub (Kostel svatého Jakuba Staršího) was built in the 1360-1370. Later it survived the fire and was reconstructed in Late Gothic style. In addition, at the 60-meter clock tower still sound two ancient bells – Jacob and Maria. As for the decoration, the temple preserves original Gothic murals.

Fests and other events

Most noteworthy, every July Telc hosts a festival of air balloons. On this fest there are many shows with flights of balloons, a synchronized with music “ballet” and fireworks. But other than that, other events are also organized throughout the year.

There are many concerts and music festivals. For instance, in the spring, three-day folkloric “Mountain Holidays” take place, at the end of summer large-scale 16-day “Vacations in Telc” gathers dozens of youth groups and singers.

Best restaurants

Even though it is a small city you will not stay hungry there. Besides, these restaurants offer excellent and tasty dishes for any taste.

  • Švejk restaurant (Address: náměstí Zachariáše z Hradce);
  • U Zachariáše (Address: Nám. Zachariáše z Hradce 33);
  • Pizzeria Italia (Address: U Masných krámů 15);
  • Restaurace U Hraběnky (Address: Hotel U Hraběnky);
  • Bistrot de Papa (Address: Horní Dubenky č.25);
  • U Šuláků (Address: Školní 101/1).

Telc castle from above

Where to stay

If you will need more than 1 day to explore the city and enjoy the atmosphere, think about the places to stay. To make your choice easier there are the best options to have a look at.

How to get from Prague to Telc

Hope that this information will be useful for you. There are three way to get to Telc – by bus, by train and by car. Choose the one you like the most and have a great time there.

Prague – Telc by bus

The total time of the route is 4 hours and during this time you will have to change buses three times. The tickets will cost to 15 Euro. At the Prague main station take the bust line 060 to the Jihlava stop station. Then take the regional train to Kostelec u Jihlavy stop. It will take approximately 15 minutes. Then change train to the final destination Telc.

Prague – Telc by train

Going to Telc by train will take almost 5 hours with the tickets price about 12 Euro. Firstly, take the train to Havlickuv Brod station which goes about 2.30 hours. From there, change it to the train to Telc. Information about tickets and timetable here – Czech railways.

Prague – Telc by car

The distance between Prague and Telc is 160 kilometers. Renting a car costs approximately 30-40 Euro for one day plus 20 Euro to 15 liters of fuel.

Main sights in Telc review

All of the places mentioned in this article are worth your attention. They preserve not only architectural value, but also breath with history and majesty. We hope that you will get the feeling of the city and are eager to help you. We offer tours with local guides so you can get the very first-hand experience and explore it like being a local.