Dancing house

Dancing house in Prague is a modern attraction of the city. You can find it on the river side and enjoy the view either from outside or from the roof top terrace. A lot of debates take place in the society about this construction. On the one hand it fits the area, on the other — it looks a bit clumsy. What do you think of it?

The city of Prague is famous first of all for its historical old buildings and medieval mysterious atmosphere. But not so many visitors know Prague from its modern side. Thus, when they see the Dancing house in the company of the buildings erased centuries ago, it is a bit surprising.

History of Ginger and Fred house?

The House was constructed in 1992-1996 in the place of former building, destroyed by the U.S. bombs in 1945. For many years this spot remained clear until 1991 when the sponsor for the new construction was found. In 1992 the architect of the future Dancing House Vlado Milunić met Frank Gehry. Together they designed the building. This meeting laid the foundation of one of the most unusual houses in Prague and in the whole Europe.

Dancing House in PragueThe construction was finished in 1996. Since the first day after opening, the Dancing House has received rather controversial critical reviews. People see this construction pretty unusual.

Moreover, the place where “Fred and Ginger” is situated is historical area and the critics claimed that its design does not fit well in the surroundings. However, this unusual house became popular and nowadays it is seen as zest of Prague and one of its symbols.


The Dancing House consists of two buildings – female glass tower “Ginger” bending to her partner. The second is male — concrete tower “Fred”. What is surprising, the male tower has imaginary hair on its top.

There are 9 floors and 99 panels. They help to support so called dancing shape. The whole interior was designed by Eva Jiricna, British architect of Czech origin.

Today The Dancing Houses serves as an office center mostly, but there is a restaurant with panoramic terrace.

Restaurant with a panoramic view

Dancing house restaurant in PragueThe restaurant offers various kinds of food for every taste. For example, you can order Caprese with mozarella, tomato bread, basil, and tomatoes for 225 CZK and duroc pork tenderloin for 465 CZK. If you are a fan of sweets, you may be attracted by Pavlova cake with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries for 125 CZK. Or they have home-made ice-cream for some 125 CZK.

Wine drinkers will appreciate wine collection of “Ginger-Fred”. They offer Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Château Lupiac Gaudiet produces in France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic. There is also beer, various kinds of liqueurs and spirits as well as wide range of soft drinks.Restaurant in Dancing House

If you are going hungry after the walk around Prague, get two cracks at bat – come to see the Dancing House and visit the restaurant “Ginger-Fred”. There you can have a lunch and enjoy the splendid view. It is better to come at lunch time on working days to eat in calm and relaxing atmosphere. Also the restaurant has special offers every day, so you may taste something new and unusual.

How to get to the Dancing House?

To enjoy this splendid scenery and to see the most outstanding building in Prague the visitors of the city need to take tram #17. Another option is the yellow line of Prague metro and get off the train on the station Karlovo Namesti. After few minutes’ walk you are at the Dancing House. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget your cameras with you! Share photos and reviews in the comments below.

Hotels and apartments nearby

The house is located near the downtown of the Czech capital. It means there are lots of opportunities to find cheap and expansive hotels and apartments near Dancing House. With help of this link you will be able to compare the price and to pick up the best room for your stay in Prague.

General information

  • Address: Jiráskovo náměstí 1981/6, Praha 2, 120 00, Czech Republic
  • Web-site: http://www.tancici-dum.cz
  • Tour to the Dancing house: http://vovanovaque.com
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