National Museum in Prague

On of the most attractive buildings in Wenceslas square is the National Museum or better to say, the Main building of the National Museum in Prague. Due to the reconstruction works the building is closed till 2018, when a the doors of the oldest and biggest museum in Czechia will open its doors again.

  • Designed in neo-Renaissance style by Josef Schultz it had been built from 1818 till 1891.

National Museum in Prague inside


When I first looked at the building I was absolutely astonished with the size of it. The height of 70 meters and the width of facade of about 100 meters it makes a very strong impression. The roof of the National Museum has with 5 cupolas — 4 at the corners and one in the middle. Under the latter you can find the Pantheon, which is the collection of statues of well-known Czech science and art people.

National Museum in Prague CupolaIf you stay near the Horse statue of Saint Wenceslas and look at the building, you will see the three sculptures: the queen Bohemia (the former name of Czechia in the XII century), the young lade Vltava (the river going through Prague) and the old man Labe or Elba. These are the 3 symbols of Czech lands: Bohemia, Morava and Silesia. Very symbolic, isn’t it?

Statues at the entrance to the National Museum of Prague

Another important monument just in front of the entrance to the National Museum is the cross on the ground. It is the place where Jan Palach one of two Czech students who committed self-immolation in 1969 against Communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

Cross near National Museum in Prague Jan PalachInteriors

While going through the exhibition, pay attention at the ceilings, they are super beautiful and reflect the history of Czechia. The interiors of the National Museum in Prague has a lot of sculptures. There is a gorgeous staircase leading to the Pantheon and on the walls you can see the pictures with the most significant Czech castles.


I should say that this museum has an impressive collection of artifacts. For example, in the library of the National Museum one can find one million three hundred of rare book and eight thousands of manuscripts. quite a lot of reading, isn’t it. But also there are other sections, with even more interesting exhibitions.

  • Natural History;
  • Prehistory;
  • Proto-history;
  • Archiology;
  • Ethnography;
  • Numismatics (with 500 000 items);
  • Theatre.

Among the most interesting collections of the National Museum in Prague I would like to mention the exhibition devoted to Jan Hus and Hussite Wars that took place in the XV century and strongly influenced the future of religion not only in Czechia, but also in the whole Europe.

One of the modern departments of the museum is the one devoted to theatre. It takes its start from the 1930. All visitors can discover the history of Czech theatre and see decorations, costumes, puppets and designs of stages of various times. It is a very interesting part of exhibition, because it makes you travel in time.

National Museum in Prague and its future

Prague National Museum is more than one building in Wenceslas Square. It unites several exhibitions not only in Prague, but also in other Czech cities.

National Museum in Prague After ReconstructionUnfortunately the main building has been under reconstruction since 2011. According to the city council, the works will be finished by October 2018. As a result of this huge reconstruction, the National Museum in Prague will be a new perl in the necklace of attractions.

General Information

  • Open: closed
  • Tickets: –
  • Address: Václavské nám. 68, 115 79 Praha 1