Where to buy absinthe in Prague? Where to meet the green fairy? Everyone knows well that the Czech Republic has strong beer industry. But less people are aware of the fact, that in Czechia you can also taste real absinthe, the spirit with long history and tradition. In this article I will share with you the facts about the spirit. You will learn how and where to drink it in Prague.


The history of Absinthe began long ago in ancient Egypt. Local doctors were often using the wormwood as a remedy for various diseases. Greeks were the following to get used to the extracts of this herb and to enjoy its bitter taste. They gave the name wormwood, which is apsithion in Greek. Step by step the drink arrived in the countries of central Europe.

Absinthe in Prague


In modern history the spirit appears in the 18th century in Switzerland, where a doctor Pierre Ordinaire was experimenting with different herbs. He got one formula which was traveling from hands to hands, becoming better and better.

As a result in 1797 when the first ever Absinthe distillery was opened. Business was growing, therefore the second distillery was built and started to work in 1805. The product made there became the most popular in the whole world. But everything changed in 1914 when it was banned in France and in many other countries.


Within the 19th century the role of the spirit in France was getting so high that the government had to ban it. The reason was very obvious. French troops fighting in Africa, got absinthe as a remedy from malaria. Soldiers got used to it and after the war they came back to France and brought a new habit. From this period it becomes the drink number one for all the people: from the reach to the poor. Everyone was willing to taste it.

But this popularity had negative sides: first of all a lot of producers started to make fake absinthe putting into the spirit pain instead of herbs. It caused a lot of deaths.

Moreover, for vine producers such a competitor was not a best friend and as some scientists claim, the former made their utmost to lobby the law, which would ban this drink. And it happened first in Switzerland and then through the world.

The second life of Absinthe began at the end of the XX century, when England, the country where this spirit was never prohibited, started to order the beverage from Czechia.

How and where to drink absinthe in Prague?

There are several ways of consuming absinthe. Each has its own peculiarities and benefits for the consumer. You may drink it hot, cold, with water or just as its. Whatever way you choose, remember, that today the spirit is not about getting drunk, but rather than about trying to feel the taste of the past. You will never get «high» or see the Green Fairy from several drinks, unless you haven’t drunk any other alcohol in advance.

Absintheria in Prague


In Prague there is a perfect place where one can taste real Absinthe prepared according to all the recipes and traditions. No wonder that the place is called Ansentherie and has a huge variety of spirits to drink and even to buy as gifts to friends. Today Prague is the capital of Absinthe in our continent and this bar is the capital in the capital.

In Prague Absentherie you can ask the barman to make macerated or distilled absinthe. If you want to taste the clear aroma of several different types of the drink, there is an option. But mind that you have to drink it with little sips. It is important to let your tongue transfer the signals of the taste to your brains. You need to get this magic process of how bitter at the beginning absinthe can turn into sweet and so hot inside at the end. To clean the tastes during degustation, you need to drink water. In summer it is so taste and refreshing to eat absinthe ice-cream!


General information

  • Open: daily 12:00 – 24:00
  • Page: http://www.absintherie.cz/en/
  • Address: Jilská street 7, 110 00 Prague 1

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