Best Dumplings in Wroclaw

The question of where to eat the best local food is very philosophical. For me personally these are the dumplings in Wroclaw I tasted in Momos restaurant. Therefore I would like to share my food experience and let you not be hungry visiting the city of 300 gnomes.

Dumplings in Wroclaw or pierogi ruskie

In Poland (and in Wroclaw) dumplings are called pierogi and they have a lot of fillings from meat to berries. The most popular ones are pierogi ruskie with cottage cheese. You can taste them anywhere, but to find the best dumplings in Wroclaw you need to read further.

Best dumplings in WroclawPierogi are very familiar to Russian pelmeni or Asian Xia Lon Bao. Of course the recipe is different, but the way all these dishes are cooked look quite the same. They take flat piece of dough, put a teaspoon of the filling and make a pocket. After the pocket is “closed” there boil special soup and cook the dumplings. Usually they are served with oil, butter or with sour cream.

Momos restaurant in Wroclaw

Momos Restaurant in WroclawI first close friendship with dumplings in Wroclaw was last year. Since that times I tasted them in various venues and came to conclusion, that the best pierogi in Wroclaw one can find in Momos restaurant. They are tasty, tender, fresh and super delicious.


In the menu of Momos restaurant you will find a vast selection of dumplings with various fillings. It doesn’t matter if you eat meat or only vegetables, there is something for you.

My favorite are:

  • traditional pierogi russkie;
  • baked dumplings with meat;
  • sweet dumplings with berries.

Address: Świętego Mikołaja 16/17,Wrocław, 50-128 Wrocław

Best pierogi in WroclawReview

What I personally liked about the restaurant Momos in Wroclaw was the open kitchen. Since we were sitting close to it, we could see how they made pierogi. If I can say so, that was one of the most hand made dinner I have ever had. At least I saw it!

As mentioned above, these dumplings in Wroclaw to my mind are the best in the city, therefore I wrote the article to share this experience with you. But there were some slightly negative moment: first of all the manager of the restaurant would not let us take pictures. Which was really strange, because the kitchen and the main hall look really amazing and very clean.

The second thing that was not ok, but you can do nothing with it: is the time you wait after you out the order. Since they serve only fresh dumplings in Momos, you have to wait. So it is good to order a small starter or to come so 15 minutes before you start starving.

Where to eat pierogi in Wroclaw

Nevertheless, I sincerely recommend to drop into this restaurant and to see, if they really serve the best dumplings in Wroclaw. With your impressions you are welcome to leave comments below. All other places where you usually eat pierogi in Wroclaw, please share in the comments as well.