Pasibus in Wroclaw

Another places where eat in the in the city of gnomes is Pasibus. The restaurant where you can taste the best burgers in Wroclaw. You will find it in the down town, round the corner from Rynek — the main square of the city. Serves is friends and burgers are juicy.

Burger in Wroclaw history

According to the information I managed to find on the Net, Pasibus began its history with a food track. They gradually spread the popularity of hamburgers with real meat, bread and fresh vegetables among locals in Wroclaw. And they were a success!

Pasibus Burgers

As a result today there are 4 places where to eat hamburgers made of high quality ingredients. I’ve have been to the restaurant in the down town of Wroclaw, therefore I will share my experience about this very place.

Pasibus at Swindnicka 11

Central location of the restaurant helps travelers to find Pasibus and to discover the reasons of popularity. To my mind, they are very simple: good food, easy service with English friendly crew, clear menu and reasonable prices.


In the menu of this restaurant you will find selection of burgers, variety of cheese balls, craft beer, home made lemonades. My vegetarian friends can relax and ready further, because specially for them the chef can change meat steak for vegetarian one. There are also delicious cheese balls in the menu and friend potatoes.

Pasibus Menu

According to the review of Pasibus visitors, the most popular burger is Jack Daniels for about 4-5 Euros. All the burgers are with lamb meet, therefore they are so juicy.


Pasibus reviewPasibus in Wroclaw a nice way to kill your hunger with a proper burger for a very reasonable price. The restaurant at Swindnicka 11 should be the first to go, because of its central location. I strongly recommend the place, because the food is delicious and served in a well-thought way. Look forward to seeing your reviews in the comments.

All Pasibus places in Wroclaw:

  1. Przystanek – Ignacego Lukasiewicza 18;
  2. Pasibus – Legnicka 51-53;
  3. Stacja – ŚWIDNICKA 11;
  4. Pasibus – Powstanciw Slaskich 5;
  5. Pasaż Grunwaldzki – Plac Grunwaldzki 22;
  6. Arkady Wrocławskie – Powstanciw Slaskich 2-4;
  7. Stacja Ruska – Wlodkowica 37;
  8. Official page