Taxi in Singapore

Getting ready for my first trip to Asia I read a lot of materials and watched videos with stories about trips made by other travelers. Among the highlights to remember was the question of taxi in Singapore. Because it is one of the most popular means of transport in the city.

There are several reasons why locals use this way of getting around so much.

  • It is relatively cheap;
  • not all the people have cars;
  • there are a lot of cabs ready to drive you anywhere;
  • there is Uber in Singapore;
  • since 2016 there are driverless taxis.

I summarized my experience and the advice of my fellow friends to make the 10 tips for you to get around the city with no risks.

Uber or Taxi in Singapore?

UBER is available in Singapore. This taxi service is a bit cheaper and faster than basic taxi. Following this link you get the application downloaded and a free ride.

Color of the taxi car in Singapore matters. Red and blue cars are cheaper than white and black. So if you plan to flag a taxi, make sure that you are aware of these colors.

In popular areas and shopping centers there are queues for taxi. Remember about it and be polite to stay in line to wait for your car. Sometimes it may take up to 30 minutes to get a taxi.

All taxi drivers in Singapore have cold blood — the cars are super air-conditioned. Don’t be shy to ask the driver to make it less cool inside.

Passengers can pay for a taxi trip in Singapore both in cash and by card. But it is better to ask if the terminal works, to avoid any problematic situations.

Tips for taxi in Singapore is not obligatory. In case the driver was super nice and helpful, you can ask if you could leave the tips. If he agrees, follow the usual rule of 10%.

Some drivers can try to cheat before. We had such a situation in a shopping moll VoviCity. A taxi driver offered a ride to the hotel for 45 dollars (that was with a discount of 5 dollars). Actual price was 15 Singapore dollars. Note, that it doesn’t happen often, but do ask before you start the trip.

All the taxi drivers in Singapore speak English. But to be on the safe side put down or make a photo of the address you need to go and show it to the driver.

Don’t leave your goods in cars, because it will be a hard task to find «your» taxi in Singapore again to pick up the belongings.

Try to walk more, than to go by taxi. Singapore is amazing!

I sincerely hope, that this travel tips will make you trip comfortable. Feel free to leave your questions below in comments and to share your personal experience of getting around Singapore by taxi.

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