Morning in Prague is the best time of the day. I got used to going out early in the morning or late at night. The rest of the time I leave for crowds of tourists rushing from square to square and from bridges to hills. Pedestrian traffic in the main streets of Prague seem insane. So why is morning so good to see the city of 100 spires?

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How to feel real Prague?

After several years being involved into the touristic business, I can say that the hardest task for me personally is to get up early in the morning to start my sightseeing tours «Early birds» which usually begins at 6 or 7 am. But even more difficult for me is to convince people interested in my service, that such an early rise will be rewarded with amazing atmosphere of the city, empty streets and fascinating atmosphere for the whole trip. Several times I had to bet the price of the tour, promising that if my tourists don’t like the tour around morning Prague and don’t enjoy it, I give the money back. Believe me or not, but it would never happen. Vice versa: every time I got tips for making the people brake the stereotype of long sleeping mornings while travelling.

The ambiance of Prague is based on numerous details. Some of them are visible, but most of them are hidden from those of you, who is always in a hurry. «I want to see more and more and more». Remember this feeling when visiting a new city? I had such a problem as well, willing to digest the whole huge Barcelona bucket list within one single day. It was crazy and stressful. Now I know how to split attractions, places to see and things to do, in order to fill satisfied.

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For example Charles Bridge is a very old construction. Saying very old, I mean it. The first stone was put into the basement of the bridge in 1357. Can you still count in your mind without a calculator? Relax and I will tell you the dates. The most famous bridge in the Czech Republic is more than 600 years. To understand this figure, you need not only to cross it, but to look at it from the distance, trying to acknowledge how much effort, strength and motivation it was worth. I have a friend who, when in he comes to Prague, spends about 2-3 hours on the bridge observing people.

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I’m taking you to the fact that it is very easy to hate Prague for the crowds and always busy central streets, huge groups of tourists and annoying promoters offering various services. And i personally know many examples when people visiting the Czech Capital got extremely negative impressions of the trip and would never come back. Their problem started with bad time and company.


I sincerely hope, that my passion towards Prague and its ambiance will motivate you for a trip and you will never stay in your hotel early in the morning and at night. When will you sleep? My answer: you can have a rest duing the day, when the rest of fellow tourists are flooding the city. For any questions about the Czech Capital and travel opportunities you are welcome to comments below.