One of the places you absolutely have to visit when in Czechia is Prague Zoo. It is a huge, comfortable and very animal friendly park open throughout the whole year and attractive both for kids and grownups. Let’s look at the highlights of Zoo’s history and animals who live there, as well as discover all the information you would need to get to Prague zoological garden and enjoy the visit.

To warm you up I would like to to mention the following facts:

  • the Zoo is among the most popular attractions in Prague;
  • Prague Zoo is the 7th biggest Zoo in the world.


Prague Zoo HistoryThe history of Prague Zoo began in 1881 when the Crown Prince Rudolf got married at Princess Stephanie of Belgium. That was a huge party with lots of guests and presents. Rudolf decided to create something special on such an occasion and established the first ever zoological garden in Prague. It was rather an easy decision, but a hard to implement. The biggest problem for such a project was to find a proper territory. There were several variants: Island Stvanice, Royal Game Preserve, Kinsky Garden and so on.

Only in 1922 the project gets its todays address. The man who we should be thankful to is Alois Svoboda, who granted the territory that belonged to his family and allowed to build Prague Zoo in Troja area. Only after 8 years after this decision was made, the first inhabitant arrived. It was a lion. Her name was Sarka.

Zoological Garden PragueIn 1931 on 28 of September is still under construction, but despite this fact, the doors are open for visitors. This year Sarka gets neighbors: she-wolf Lotta and first Przewalski’s horses Minka and Ali. Within the following years the Zoo grows in it fauna: tigers, an elephant, sea lions, polar bear, Zuzana the Hippopotamus, monkeys, chimpanzee, giraffe, orangutan, gorilla, cheetah cubs, aardvarks.

The hardest times come to Prague Zoo in 2002 with huge waters brought by the river. That year Vltava got too much liquid from rains and floods the city. Biggest part of 60 hectares of the Zoo were under water and unfortunately lots of animals sank, because the superintendents did not have enough time to organize evacuation.

In 2013 another flood struck the city, but having learnt the mistake of the privies disaster, the administration of the city and Zoo took all the important steps to avoid and danger to animals.

Territory and animals

The huge territory of the zoological park is divided into several thematic zones where animals leave. Going the the Zoo you will see, how throughly the area was initially planned. There are two levels linked with a funicular, which operates only in summer season. All in all there are 10 big apartments where all the creatures live, eat, sleep and reproduce.

At the level 1 you will find

  • Giant Salamander House;
  • Gorilla Pavilion
  • Bird World;
  • Bird Wetlands;
  • Birds of Prey;
  • Parrot Trail;
  • Rocky Outcrop;
  • Children’s Zoo;
  • Bororo Reserve;
  • Lemur Island;
  • Water World and Monkey Islands;
  • Feline and Reptile Pavilion;
  • Pavilion of Big Tortoises;
  • Fur Seal Exhibit;
  • Pavilion of Penguins;
  • Chambal – Pavilion of Gharials.

At the level 2 you will find

  • Africa up close;
  • Indonesian Jungle;
  • African Savanna;
  • African House
  • Elephant Valley;
  • Hippo House;
  • Sichuan;
  • Plains;
  • Northern Forests;
  • Terrarium.

According to the recent calculations, there are about 5000 animals living in Prague Zoo. A very important issue is that every year animals give birth and increase this number. If we speak about species there are: 270 birds, 60 fishes, invertebrates 31; amphibian 10; creeping things 120; mammals 169. 471 species resented there are from the Red Book.

Prague Zoo ElephantsIn 2015 Prague Zoo got the 4th place among all zoological gardens in the World. The first prices went to San Diego Zoo, Singapore Zoo, Loro Parque in Spain.

The net of well-planned paths, several cafes, two restaurants, a playground, funicular and a small children friendly train make the visit to the zoological park comfortable and pleasant.

Prague Zoo PinguinseHow to get to the Zoo from centre of Prague?

There are several ways of getting to Prague Zoological garden. The easiest and the most comfortable way is to take a taxi, Uber or transfer from the hotel you stay in. It will be also the fastest option.


Steam Boat to Prague ZooIf you travel to Prague in summer season (between March and October), I can recommend taking a boat trip from the Cechuv Bridge. The boat goes at 9.20, 10.00, 12.20, 15.50, 17.00. Since lots of tourists choose this option, I sincerely recommend coming in advance to buy the tickets.

Tickets one-way

  • adults CZK 150;
  • children 3-11 years, people with disability ID cards CZK 100;
  • children up to 3 years free of charge;
  • family (2 adults and 2 children) CZK 390;
  • baby carriages, bicycles and dogs: free of charge.

Tickets return

  • adults CZK 240;
  • children 3-11 years, people with disability ID cards CZK 140;
  • children up to 3 years free of charge;
  • family (2 adults and 2 children) CZK 590;
  • baby carriages, bicycles and dogs: free of charge.


Prague Zoo MapThe best way to get to Prague Zoo with public transport is the following. You need to find the metro, bus, or tram stop Nadrazi Holesovice. My advice, if you go from the city centre, to take the red line metro and to go to Nadrazi Holesovice. Remember to buy tickets and validate them, because on high seasons they often check the tickets in metro.

So when you arrive at the station, leave the train, find the exit with escalator and use it. Turn left and leave the building. Just in front of you will be a bus strop. You need to find #112 or the Zoo bus. Take it and go till the last stop. The whole way from the Wenceslas Square will take you about 1 hour, thus you need at least 90 minute ticket for 32 CZK.


If you rent a car in Prague, it will be nice ride to the Zoo, because you will go through Praha 7 – a very cozy neighborhood. After you will cross the newly built bridge over Vltava river, pass amazing Troja Castle and finally arrive at the point of destination. There is a parking zone. For one day of parking you will pay 100 CZK, which is quite a good price.

Admission Prices

Prague Zoo Admission feeYou can always buy tickets at the entrance to the garden. To the right you will see ticket offices, where they speak English and take both cash and cards. The Admission price are the following.

Single entrance

Adults CZK 200;

  • Children (3-15 years) 150 CZK;
  • Students with valid Student ID card) 150 CZK;
  • Retirees, holders of ZTP and ZTP/P disability ID cards 150 CZK;
  • Retirees aged 70 years and older 1 CZK;
  • Families (2 adults + 2 children aged 3 to15 years) CZK 600 (+ CZK 100 for each additional child);
  • Children under 3 years FREE.

Anual entrance

  • Adults CZK 700 (12 admissions/year – no more than one admission a day);
  • Children (3-15 years) CZK 450 (12 admissions/year – no more than one admission a day);
  • Students with valid Student ID card) CZK 450 (12 admissions/year – no more than one admission a day);
  • Retirees, holders of ZTP and ZTP/P disability ID cards CZK 450 (12 admissions/year – no more than one admission a day);
  • Families (2 adults + 2 children aged 3 to15 years) CZK 1.800 (48 admissions/year – no more than four admissions a day; 1 person – 1 admission).

Happy Mondays

Happy Monday is the day when the entrance admission to Prague Zoo is reduced. Usually these are all Mondays: excluding public holidays, July, August and December 25.

  • Children (aged 3 to 15 years)  CZK 50;
  • Students (must show a valid student ID card) CZK 50;
  • Retirees CZK 50;
  • Holders of ZTP and ZTP/P disability ID cards CZK 1;
  • Opening time.

Zoological park is open annually with minor differences depending on the time of the year. Prague Zoo is open:

  1. November to February 09:00 – 17:00;
  2. April, May, September, October 09:00 – 18:00;
  3. June, July, August 09:00 – 19:00.

Prague Zoo review

If you are plan to spend in the capital of Czechia more than 3-4 days, if you are with kids, you have to include Prague Zoo into your bucket list of things to do, because according to statistics, this zoological park is the second most visited attraction in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle.