Stockholm one day trip

What to do if you have only one day in Stockholm? Let’s build your travel plan based on my personal experience and avoid the mistakes I made. Find below a complete bucket list of things to do and places to go in Stockholm.

One day in Stockholm: my trip

I came to Stockholm from Amsterdam with Norwegian airlines, one of the low cost European companies. That was an evening flight with arrival after 11 p.m., which made my trip a bit complicated from the very beginning. Usually I get prepared to various situations that a traveler can face on the way. But this time I made a huge mistake. And it caused a lot of my nerves and time.

One day in Stockholm

Currency exchange in Arlanda airport

Sweden is one of the European countries like Czechia, Hungary or Poland, which has its own currency. It was my pain of the trip. That autumn I had a week full of traveling: Prague-Paris-Prague-Amsterdam-Stockholm-Prague.

As a result I got a bit tired and forgot to exchange my Euros into Swedish Krona. Arriving quite late in Stockholm airport Arlanda I found the exchange offices closed. Hence the quest of getting from the airport to the city centre became quite difficult.

I couldn’t buy the bus tickets with my Euros. Sure, I could have payed with my Master Card, but all the money was spent on tickets and fun before.

With help of a security guard I found a shop 7/11 where they took my Euro coins and gave handful of Swedish Krona. That made me really happy. Because the chance of sleeping in the airport till the exchange offices start to work was quite real.

For you to know, it is about 60 km from Arlanda to Stockholm city centre. So there was no way of walking or taking a taxi (this option is extremely expensive).

Only sweet memories of how beautiful Stockholm is could calm me down.

Gamla Stan

Galma Stan

I began my one day in Stockholm early in the morning. 6 a.m. was the best time to walk through Gamla Stan. It is the old part of the Swedish capital. Its cute houses and narrow streets reminded me of Old Towns in Prague, Warsaw and Wroclaw.

Nobel Museum

Nobel museum in Stockholm

Nobel Museum is another place to see during one day in Stockholm. In Stortorget square surrounded by iconic houses I found the building of Nobel museum. This is the best place to learn about the Nobel price. Also you can discover the names of all the people who were honored this high estimation for the work in certain field.

I’ve put this place to my bucket list for the following longer visit, because I had only one day in Stockholm.

Stockholm metro station

Metro in Stockholm

Stockholm has absolutely unique Metro stations. The trains are just like in any other big city: comfortable, clean and fast. But the station will make you open your mouth. Going down to the stations with the escalator you get into a real cave.

List of unique subway stations in Stockholm

Blue line:

  • Kungsträdgården;
  • T-centralen;
  • Rådhuset;
  • Solna Centrum;
  • Tensta.

Green line:

  • Hötorget;
  • Thorildsplan;
  • Bagarmossen.

Red line:

  • Tekniska Högskolan;
  • Stadion;
  • The island of museums.

Djurgården – The island of museums


Djurgården — the island of museum. It is a very popular either with tourists and locals. There are numerous interesting museum, cosy parks and places to for a weekend afternoon. I would include this location into our bucket list. After walking around the Galma Stan this island is a place to relax.

Even if you have only one day in Stockholm, don’t try to cover all the attractions of the city. It is always better to do less, but enjoy everything you see.

Abba museum

Abba Museum

ABBA museum is the second popular museum in Swedish capital. If you don’t go inside, at least take a picture with the most popular local music band. By the way, the first place to eat in Stockholm on my day trip, was in ABBA museum.

And I was extremely surprised with the prices for food in Stockholm. I’ve hear that it is quite an expansive city, but in such a place I would never expect a lunch for two people almost for 60 Euros with main dish, coffee and desert.

Vassa museum

Vassa museum

Vassa museum is the most popular on the island and in Scandinavia. I’m not a big fan of such places, but this museum made me happy. Vassa museum amazes with the idea and its realization. Very impressive.

Visitors learn the history of Vassa ship. To cut a long story short: it was loaded with tons of gold. But just two minutes after the start of the voyage, the ship sank in the bay.

Today visitors can behold this fantastic ancient wooden construction from various levels. When you get to the top of the museum, there are chairs where one can have a rest and enjoy the view of the ship.

Ice bar in Stockholm

Ice bar Stockholm

Walking through the city I was given a flyer for free entrance into Stockholm Ice bar. To tell the truth I’m not a big fan of cold and ice, but a free entrance to an interesting place was very convincing. The bar is decorated with ice walls: ice chairs and even the glasses and cups are made of it. At the entrance you put on gloves and capes to feel warm.

I would not say that it is a place where I will come back again and again. Absolutely no, but a tick in front of the “To visit an ice bar” I have.

Sergels torg

Sergels torg

The square with a hard to pronounce name Sergels torg is located in the modern part of Stockholm. It unites several streets and is a popular shopping area. When I can to Sergels torg, there were a lot of people listening to some politicians.


If you are planning a trip to Stockholm there is the schedule of cheapest flights to Arlanda airport from all possible destinations. Check it out.

I hope that this list of thing to do and place to go during one day in Stockholm will help you to enjoy Swedish capital.