Vatican is a place where I always go when in Rome, even though I am far from religion. Therefore St. Peter’s Basilica for is not a church, but as an amazing museum. There we can see, how an inspired group of people managed to create this incredible piece of art. In Vatican we can see how strong concrete can be the best friend of graceful art of painting. Let’s go inside the Basilica and get inspired.

St Peter's basilica in Vatican

Inside of St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican

The Basilica is unique in its shape, size and decoration. There is no other Catholic church like St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican. Everything you will see inside is a piece of art. From the first visit you will never see and understand the power of the place.

St Peter's basilica in Vatican details

One of the main places in the Basilica is St. Peter’s Altar. It is absolutely fascinating construction raising our eyes up!

Altar St Peter's basilica in Vaticanceiling in St Peter's basilicaceiling in St Peter's basilica Vatican

Buried people in St. Peter’s Basilica

But for the functions of church and museum, St. Peter’s is also a cemetery. Only the closest and royal people could have been honored a place in Vatican to be buried. Looking to the right and left, you will see bodies behind the glass. As to me it all looks too strange.

Length of Catholic ChurchesRoof of St Peter's Basilica in VaticanIcons in St Peter's Basilica in VaticanBoghese signs in St Peter's Basilica in VaticanVatican

How to get to the top of Basilica

One of the best places in Vatican is St. Peter’s cupola. It is an example of unique engineering project carried out hundreds years ago. To get to the top of the cupola you need to buy a ticket and conquer 200 of steps. It is an amazing experience and one of things to do in Rome.

Main Catholic CathedralCopula of St Pete's basilicaThe house of the PopeAt the roof of St Peter's BasilicaSt Peter's Basilica in RomeSigns of Vatican in Rome

These are the few pictures taken in St. Peter’s basilica. As a bonus, have a look at some other churches of Rome. Experts are invited in comments, to guess which places are in the pictures below.

Church in RomeRomeChurch in RomeOrgan in RomeCeiling in Catholic Churches

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican is an important object for tourists visiting Rome. My advice is to get up around 6 a.m. in order to come to the square around 6:30, when the square is already open. The cupola opens around 8 a.m. and you can get to the top of Rome.