Have you ever tasted Sicilian cannoli? And what if I tell you that in the western part of this Italian island they make this typical for Sicily desert of XXL size? Would you like to eat one?

Trapani is the destination. I choose this place for the following reasons: nature, culture and food. The latter is 50% when I make the decision: to go to Sicily or not to go. Yes, food is very important. Especially when we talk with you about a country and people, who love to cook and to share.

In Sicily locals speak about the breakfast they plan to have, or the dinner they had yesterday. The discuss pretty in advance the menu for the day and week.

Cannoli Napola bar EriceAfter a couple of times in Sicily I feel no difference between the name of this blessed island and the Italian word «dolce» (which stands for «sweet» in English). Because every day I eat about a kilo of pastry. Yes, yes. I know how harmful it may be for my teeth and body. But go and try to resist. If you manage, let me know you secret.

One of the most incredible dishes I’ve already tasted is Cannoli. Absolutely amazing, tasty and sweet yummy. One can try this pastry in many place. But Cannoli XXL are served only in one place — bar Erice in a small village Napola near Trapani. They are «numero uno» in the area and the whole island. 

Take you maps and pans, because you have to remember this name and location.

Bar Erice in Napola

Napola near TrapaniErice is the mountain you can see, when you arrive at the little airport of Trapani. But it is also the name of the bar, where you will try the best and biggest ever cannoli Siciliani. These are not just my words. This is recommendation from a very experienced local friend. To get around the area you need to have a car.

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It takes you about 15 minutes from Trapani to to Napola (don’t get confused with the name, it is not Napoli (Naples), it is Napola).

There are two main roads in the town, if you can’t find the bar, ask the locals «Bar Eirce?» and they will help. It is a small local village pastry bar. But yes, it is local Sicilian bar. It means that all the pastry is super fresh tasty.

Cannoli is a dessert typical in Sicily. These are crispy tubes filled with cream made of ricotta cheese. There are variants of size, filling, tastes, but the classic Sicilian dessert should be so tasty, that you always want to have another one: each bite of it has crispy shell and tender cream – what a mixture. I really love it!

Early spring — the best time to eat cannoli

Cannoli Siciliani bar Erice in NapolaThis year I saw how fresh and bright Sicily can look. During the hot period: May-October the island somehow loses the intensity of the colors. So the whole panorama seems a bit roasted.

But the green grass we saw in April was like in a picture. Guess, who is very happy about it? Of course cows! In spring they give very high quality milk and farmers produce the best annual ricotta cheese, which bakers use to cook cannoli and other pastry.


Cannoli XLL in bar Napola were the biggest I have ever seen and tasted. Believe me or not, but I always eat 2 of them. All of my friends and travelers who came to this Sicilian bar according to my advice were always happy and well fed.

Address and contacts

  • How to get: drive to south-east from Trapani and search for sign Napola;
  • Address: Via Milano, 295, 91016 Napola TP, Italy;
  • Phone: +39 0923 861302;
  • Open: 5:30 – 00:00;
  • Best Hotels in Trapani.