I could have never thought that my first article about Germany will be about chocolate. But we all know Ritter Sport and how good it is. Therefore I really would like to share my impressions of the visit to chocolate museum in Berlin.

Visiting Berlin for the first time I had no exact plan of where to go and what to do, which was quite good. A plan to have no plan helped me to see and to find many nice locations which are not among must see attractions in the guidelines of the German capital.

On the other hand I had an old friend of mine who is already an experienced local and knows the city well. Both of us adore sweet and chocolate, therefore when we came across Ritter Sport Bunte Schkowelt we had no chance to miss it. Chocolate museum in Berlin was a good decision.

From my childhood I clearly remember the three words that describe a square bar of chocolate made in Germany: “kwadratisch praktisch gut”

History of Ritter Sport

I always say that today it is important not only to create something special and unique, but far more important is to find the best and attractive way of delivery. People don’t want only to consume. We need inspiration, comfortable and of course individual service. With Ritter Sport every mentioned feature works perfectly well.

Such a bright idea to make a bar of chocolate not only sweet, but comfortable to carry with, gave a strong push to the company of Alfred and Clara Ritter.

That was a million dollar idea! From that time one could put a bar of beloved chocolate in a pocket and not to be afraid of cracking or loosing in. Changing the form, they left the same amount of chocolate as in a normal bar. That happened in 1932.

Chocolate museum in Berlin

In some 50 years a new feature was introduced: knick-pack. Such a technic or way of packing, when you don’t mess with opening a bar, but simply crack it and the plastic package tears. Such an invention can be compared with the invention of mobile phone: when quite a common phenomenon becomes easy and funny.

According to Wikipedia and official page of Ritter Sport there are 33 different square bars of chocolate. In chocolate museum in Berlin I could taste all of them.

  1. Vollmilch – Plain milk chocolate (Royal Blue Wrapper)
  2. Schoko-Duo – Plain milk chocolate and white chocolate (Royal Blue Wrapper with chocolate bar on outside)
  3. Dunkle Vollmilch – Plain medium dark chocolate, 40% cacao (Azure Blue Wrapper)
  4. Halbbitter – Plain dark chocolate, 50% cacao (Burgundy Wrapper)
  5. Edelbitter – Plain dark chocolate, 71% cacao (Pink Wrapper)
  6. Knusperkeks – Milk chocolate with a butter biscuit (Brown Wrapper)
  7. Pfefferminz – Chocolate with peppermint filling (Caribbean Green Wrapper)
  8. Joghurt – Yogurt (White Wrapper)
  9. Erdbeer Joghurt – Milk chocolate strawberry and yogurt filling (Light Pink Wrapper)
  10. Voll-Nuss – Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts (Brown Wrapper with Hazelnut-Pattern)
  11. Dunkle Voll-Nuss – Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts (Dark Brown Wrapper with Hazelnut-Pattern)
  12. Weiße Voll-Nuss – White chocolate with whole hazelnuts (White/Cream Wrapper with Hazelnut-Pattern)
  13. Knusperflakes – Milk chocolate with corn flakes (Golden Yellow Wrapper)
  14. Voll Erdnuss – Milk chocolate with whole peanuts (Orange Wrapper)
  15. Ganze Mandel – Milk chocolate with whole almonds (Dark Green Wrapper)
  16. Marzipan – Dark chocolate with marzipan center (Red Wrapper)
  17. Cocos – Milk chocolate with flakes of coconut in the center (Silver Wrapper)
  18. Trauben-Nuss – Milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnut pieces (Carmine Red Wrapper)
  19. Rum Trauben Nuss – Milk chocolate with rum-soaked raisins and hazelnut pieces (Crimson Red Wrapper)
  20. Cappuccino – Milk chocolate and cappuccino cream (Amber Wrapper)
  21. Alpenmilch – Special milk chocolate with high alpine milk proportion (Sky Blue Wrapper)
  22. Nugat – Milk chocolate with hazelnut-nougat center (Midnight Blue Wrapper)
  23. Feinherb à la Mousse au Chocolat – dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse (Bistre Wrapper)
  24. Williams Birne Trüffel – dark chocolate filled with Poire Williams pear brandy mousse
  25. Karamel Nuss – Milk Chocolate with butter caramel cream dropped hazelnuts and crispy rice (Golden yellow wrapper)
  26. Haselnuss – Milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts (Green wrapper, see image)
  27. Neapolitan – Milk Chocolate with neapolitan wafers, made with a hazelnut cream filled wafers and praline. (medium dark orange wrapper)
  28. Noisette – Hazelnut-flavored milk chocolate. (light green wrapper)
  29. Kakao-Mousse – Whipped Cream Cocoa in Alpine Milk Chocolate. (Brown Wrapper)
  30. Kakao-Keks – Dark chocolate with cookie center. (Brown Wrapper with cookie background)
  31. Karamell – Milk chocolate with caramel filling. (Orange wrapper)
  32. Olympia – Milk Chocolate with yoghurt, honey, and glucose. (Gold Wrapper)
  33. Honig Salz Mandel – Milk chocolate with salted almonds and honey. (Orange wrapper)
Chocolate museum in Berlin
How many kinds of Ritter Sport are there?

Chocolate shop

There is also a chocolate shop in the chocolate museum in Berlin. The shop is divided into several spaces. We started the visit from the top — Schokocafe, because the rest of places was overcrowded. In the cafe upstairs one can find variety of deserts looking like single pieces of a Ritter Sport bar, but of bigger size. How do they taste?

Amazing! The prices are quite normal, as in any other cafe in Berlin.

Making your own chocolate bar

After a coffee in the cafe of Ritter Sport Chocolate museum in Berlin we were ready to buy some bars of sweet as presents to our friends and families. And this shop is just perfect. You know why? Because you can mix the bars or to have certain sets of chocolates. It is absolutely up to you. And moreover, for special people in your life or for a person with unique tastes, you can make your own bar of chocolate, mixing the ingredients.

Such an option is three times a price of a normal bar and is more for kids willing to enjoy the process of choosing and looking at the process of making. I was about to compose my Ritter Sport bar. But the long and quite noisy queue in Chocolate museum in Berlin prevented me from it.

Make your own bar of Ritter Sport chocolate
Make your own bar of Ritter Sport chocolate

So packed with presents and full as ticks we left the shop and continued the trip around Berlin. My summary will be the following: Ritter Sport Bunte Schkowelt or in other words chocolate museum in Berlin is a very good place to go. It is not expensive to buy some sweets, to make your own bar and to have a coffee in a cafe upstairs.