Kvartira Kosti Kreutz

Saint Petersburg is called the cultural capital of the Russian Federation. And I absolutely agree with this name. It is a strong city, with lots of powerful pages of Russian and world history. But there is another side of the city, which is gastronomy. And among all the places I managed to visit Kvartira Kosti Kreutz is the best restaurant!

Let’s start the visit to the flat located in the very centre of the old city of St. Petersburg.

About the place

According to the official version, Kostya Kreutz is a young man who got a huge heritage and decided to have his flat rebuilt into a restaurant. Today its an impressive 800 square meters venue open 24 hours a day popular with beautiful people, who come to the Flat to eat, to have a cocktail, to meet with friends and have a good time in an amazing place.

Kvartira Kosti Kreutz bathroom

The reason why the owner decided to make a restaurant out of the flat was very simple. He began to travel a lot and as a result he spends in Saint Petersburg only one month a year. So the whole apartment was redesigned and reconstructed and today is open for visitors.


Kvartira Kosti Kreutza is a well-planed and designed restaurant. There are several zone floating from one another almost with no distinct boarders. They say that most of the furniture Kostya bought at the auctions and brought from other countries after voyages. Make sure that you spend some time walking around observing the elements of design and decor and ask the receptionist to show you around. They like to do it!


Kostya Kreutz flatEntering the flat you get into a corridor where a hostess meets guests. The first thing I paid attention at was the hight of the ceiling. It is about 7-8 meters. Very impressive! There are some tables, shelfs with porcelain, pictures hanging on the walls.


Although it is a restaurant Kostya’s flat has all traditional rooms: bedroom, kitchen, cabinet, main hall, bathroom, bar and chilling room. And the first one where visitors usually go is the parlor or the cabinet. It is a perfect place to book for a closed dinner with a small company of friends or colleagues.


Toilet in Flat Kostya KreutzAs I mentioned above, Kvartira Kosti Kreutza has a bedroom. If you are not afraid of people and would like to spend a night or two in the very heart of Saint Petersburg, check this link to and book the room.

Sitting room

The dinning room in Kvartira is a bright and very attractive space. There are a lot windows, which let the light inside the flat andat the ceiling there are white paper spheres, which reflect the light and make the room look even longer.


Kitchen in Flat Kostya KreutzAt the very end of the sitting room there is a small kitchen. Every guest can come to the kitchen to cook. Or you can get access to the fridge with small things to eat, to make a sandwich for example. It is a nice solution for guests with small night hunger. The access to the fridge will cost you about 2-3 Euros.


In the bar of Kvartira Kosti Kreutz you can have amazing drinks and cocktails. My personal must try is kisel. I would not explain what it is, just recommend you to ask the barman for a glass of kisel. Every cocktail has certain story, so make sure that you ask at least some questions about the bar and its work, because all the people working in the bar are very easygoing and they are eager to communicate with guests.

Tea room

Tearoom in St PetersburgThe tea room in Kvartira Kosti Kreutz in Saint Petersburg is my personal heaven. I can’t explain with words how amazing it is to have a perfect dinner in a restaurant and right after it to go to a cosy room to stretch the body on pillows drinking tea, listening to live music and smoking hookah.

Kvartira Kosti Kreutz menu and prices

The prices for food and drinks in this restaurant made me and my friends really surprised. I would not say that they are cheap, but they are much lower in comparison with the places of the same level of service and food as in Europe. For example, in Prague to eat such a dinner as we had is 2 times as expansive.

The choice of the dishes is also impressive. It is not big, but reflects cuisines from all over the world. Lots of positions in the menu are marked with veggie signs, but there are also amazing dishes with meat as well. And of course deserts, they are insane! We ate all of them.

The main idea of the restaurant is to unite interesting people, let them meet at a nice place. Therefore they introduced the system of personal electronic keys, with help of which one can enter the flat. And I must admit that they are a success, because all the 3 visits we made to Kvartira Kosti Kreutz gave me and my friends chances to see and to communicate with beautiful Saint Petersburg people.

General information:

  • Address: 1 Marata Str, ap. 8. 191025, Saint-Petersburg;
  • Pagehttp://kreutzflat.com/en;
  • Open: 24 hours;
  • Phone: +7 921 651-77-88
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