Squares in Prague

There are a lot of squares in Prague, because this is the city with huge number of attractions and places of interest. There are hundreds of places to go and to see: houses, towers, churches, monuments, squares, bridges, trams, museums, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, gardens and parks. In this articles I summed up all my knowledge about the most interesting Prague squares.

Wenceslas square

Wenceslas Square is the second most popular square in Prague. Long and broad it stretches for about 1 kilometer and looks more like boulevard. In the middle ages it was used like horse market, now it is a popular promenade for shopping, eating and just spending good time. At night Vaclavak (like people call it) turns into one of the most popular areas for nightlife activities. Despite this, Wenceslas Square in Prague is a very safe and pleasant place to go. Among the attractions of the square are: National Museum in Prague, The Statue of St. Wenceslas, Cafe Tram 11, The upside-down horse with St. Wenceslas on it.

Old Town Square

If you are looking for the heart of Prague, find it in the Old Town Square – the most popular touristic spot, part of the Royal path, unique attraction and several times a year – huge handcraft and food local food market. Enjoy the beauty of the Old Town Hall, Stone Bell House. Of course there are a lot of people mostly tourists, but if you are prepared for the trip or if you have a private guide to navigate you and to tell the story of the square, houses, crosses on the pavements and monuments around, you will be super happy to visit the Old Town Square in Prague or even to see it from the the top of town hall tower.

  • Watch the clock show and climb to the tower above

Republic Square

Another centre of old town is the Republic Square. But for the history, it is an important transport knot. There are two huge shopping centers: Palladium and Kotva. Bunch of restaurants, banks, hotels surround the square. But why is it call Republic? In 1918 independent Republic was proclaimed in Municipal House. Today this house is meant to be the perl of Czech architecture. Inside you can find one of the biggest concert halls in the city with daily life music program. Another cultural centre is Hybernia theatre. And of course at Republic Square you will see black and very gothic construction: Powder Tower.

  • If you are lucky, by some food at the street market at the Republic Sqaure 

Marianske Square

Another attraction in Praha 1 is Marianske Square, locate in the circle of such places as: City Library, New Town Hall, Klementinum and the Clam-Gallas palace. Today groups of tourists often ignore this square, because in comparison with the Old Town or Wenceslas it is quite small, but it is very and very interesting. Especially the modern monument in the city library of Prague, it is called the Knowledge well. If you like books and reading, it should be in your bucket list for Prague.

  • Go inside the city library and find the well of knowledge

Hradcany Square

One of the highest open place in Prague is the Hradcany Square. Located at the top of Prague Castle hill, it opens an amazing view on Old Town and Vltava river. The square is encircled with palaces: Archbishop’s, Sternberg, Martinic and Tuscany palaces. This is also the entrance to another sights: Prague Castle – the residence of the Czech President. By the way this residence is the biggest in the world and has its own Guinness record. So I don’t have to mention, that the castle should be in you list of top 10 Prague sights.

Senovazne Square

Senovazne Square is the third huge square which was made by the order of Charles IV who actually replaced Prague as a city and shaped it is nowadays look. Of course we talk about the central part of the Czech Capital. So in Prague 1 New Town there are Charles Square, Wenceslas Square and Senovazne Square. The first used to be the cattle, the second – horse, and the third – hay and corn market. Today you can find there an amazing piece of architecture with 100% Prague style – Jindrisska Tower, Church of St. Henry and St. Kunhuta, good restaurants and wine shops.

The Loreta Square

Loreta Quare in Prague is located between Loreta and the Czernin Palace – the house of Foreign Ministry. Because of this the biggest part of the square now is used as parking. During the reign of Charles IV it was another market. He loved markets, yes. Unfortunately, a lot of historical buildings and even an old cemetery were buried under the foundation of the Palace. Specially beautiful this place is in spring and at Christmas time.

Maltese Square

Another quite interesting and small square hidden in the depth of Mala Strana is Maltese Square. The square as the whole area got its name from the knighthood. They built about 80 houses in the area and got so-called Maltese Jurisdiction. Today in the Square you will find Church of Our Lady beneath the Chain, John the Baptist with angels monument, Nosticky palace, The Grand Priory Palace.

Little Square

Little Square is located just round the corner from the Old Town Square in the direction of Charles Bridge. As a highlight I would mention Hard Rock Cafe Prague, so that you don’t miss it. This place used to be a crossing of two trade routes, therefore for merchants it was comfortable to exchange goods there. Thus the modern look of the Little Square was shaped. Among the most interesting buildings should be mentioned the following: Rott House or At the Three White Roses (No.142), house At the White Lion (No.143), house At the Angel (No.144), At the Three Swords (No.6), At the Three Lime Trees (No.7), At the Yellow Statue (No.8), “At the Flails” (No.10).

Velkoprevorske square

If you look for the brightest place in Prague, which is John Lennon Wall, you are sure to come Velkoprevorske square. This place got its shape in the XII century, when the knighthood of St John of Jerusalem bought these territories and began constructing their property. It’s history is close linked with Maltese square. So today the form of the square with such a hard and long name is shaped with: The Grand Priory Palace and Buquoy Palace (since 1919 the house of French Embassy). Just round the corner and across the Bridge of Lovers you will see the Old wooden Water mill wheel.

Malostranske square or Lesser Town Square

Male Strana or Lesser Town is the part of Prague which links the riverside with Prague Castle. And there is a Square with the same name. For tourists it is an important transport hub with trams going to and from the centre of Old Town. By the way it is one of the oldest and most important areas in Prague. Around Lesser Town Square there are: St. Nicholas Church, Liechtenstein Palace, Smiricky Palace and Kaiserstein Palace. At the tram stop you can find Starbucks Cafe with free toilet and internet access. This is a typical coffee-brake place for tourists following the Royal way from the Old Town to Prague castle.

Waldstein square

Waldstein square in Prague is not an easy place to find. Hidden behind tall walls of Mala Strana it is also surrounded with amazing buildings: Waldstein palace and Waldstein garden, Ledenburk Palace and Garden and the house At three storks. This area should be discovered with a local guide, because too many sights are hidden.

Square of the Knights of the Cross

Square of the Knights of the Cross is located at the entrance to Charles Bridge. Relatively small, but very reach on history and attractions: Church of St Francis Seraph, Vine column, St. Salvator Church, Charles IV. Monument, Charles Bridge and its museum. When you come to Square of the Knights of the Cross near the Vine Column at the pavement you can see the red cross, which served as the symbol of the knighthood.

Jungmann Square

Jungmann Square is situated around the corner from Vaclavak (hope you already remember that it is the nickname of Wenceslas square). This place used to serve as the boarder between Old and New town of Prague, when Charles IV decided to stretch the boarders of the city and began building Church of Our Lady of the Snows and the Franciscan Monastery. Another fascinating building is Adria Palace, where you can have a very tasty coffee in unique atmosphere.

Bethlehem Square

Bethlehem Square used to be one of the biggest in Bohemia in the XIII century — it could fit 3000 people. All of them came in order to visit mess, which was always held in the Czech language, not in latin. Therefore it is considered to be the place where Czechia began its reformation with Jan Hus. Today the square has some restaurants and hotels around. The original church was reconstructed and now is open during the weekdays for exhibitions.

Tylovo Square

Tylovo Square is locates in Prague 2 near metro station I.P. Pavlova. This square today is mostly used for farmers markets. Locals and tourists buy there season fruit, vegetables and other delicious food. The buildings around the square are hotels, restaurants, local shops. So but for shopping it is also a good place to leave in Prague.

Pohorelec Square

Pohorelec Square exists from the XIV century. Located in Hradcany, quite luxury neighbourhood for that time, the square plays an important role in Prague daily life. Its name is translated into English as «burned square» and it is very true to life, because a lot of fires took place there, which caused the modern look of it. For architectures it was a real challenge to preserve old shape of Pohorelec Square.

Palacky Square

Palacky Square an important transport know in Prague. Located on the bank of Vltava it has had strong impact from the river. In the XV century huge flood destroyed all the houses built in the area and only at the end of the XIX century it was decided to rebuild the place, which made it look the way we see today. There is a monastery, huge monument of Frantisek Palacky, who’s name gave the name to the square.

Peace Square

Peace Square or Namesti Miru is the a charming place with a recreation zone, church of St. Ludmila and number of taste restaurants around. This is square is quite popular with locals and tourists, thought you will never see it overcrowded. Deepening on the time of the year, different markets take place there as for example New Year market took place this year. I assure you, that Namesti Miru should be in your bucket list for Prague trip.

Jiriho z Podebrad Square

Jiriho z Podebrad Square (George of Podebrady) is located in Praha 3. There is a modern church Church of the Most Sacred Heart of our Lord built in 1928-1932. If you are lucky to be at the square when the doors to the church are open, enter for sure. You will be quite surprised at the way it is decorated inside. Farmers market takes places two times a week, sometimes three. And just around the corner from George of Podebrady square you will find Zizkov TV Tower.

  • Buy food at the farmer’s market at the Jiriho z Podebrad square and go to Riegrovy sady to relax.

List of squares in Prague

This is the list of the most interesting Squares in Prague, which I compiled according to my experience and knowledge. I do hope that it will help you discover the city and its architecture, culture and soul. In case you have any questions or comments, please be free to leave them in the comments below this article. Thank you!