May in Prague

May in Prague as in many European cities is the start of high touristic season. The weather is comfortable, everything in bloom, trees and grass acquire bright green color. It’s high time to remit all your businesses and go to a wonderful Czech capital.

Weather in May in PragueWeather in May in Prague

Daily temperature is getting warmer and warmer and ranges from +10 °C to +22 °C. During a day and lows of 9°C after dark. In May there is a high probability of rainfall. Wind can also blow but not so big as in Eastern part of Europe. In the last spring month Prague enjoys an average of ten hours of sunshine every day. The day is increasing and the night is getting shorter. The average figures are:

  • Day average temperature: +15 °C;
  • Night average temperature: +8 °C;
  • Sunshine hours: 8;
  • Average rainfall: 69 mm;
  • Relative average humidity: 79%.

What To pack and what To wear?

Packing a suitcase put warm clothing with you, such as jackets, jumpers and jeans as well as some waterproofs or an umbrella. Give preference to rational footwear. Even in Spring Prague is not the best city for high heels. And don’t forget sunglasses, sun is already shines bright. In case you miss any clothes, go for shopping in Prague.

Things To Do And Places To See

Prague is a city with various places to see. As the weather is good in May devote your time to cultural walking tours along the city or go to blooming Prague parks, luckily there are many of them. Also a nice idea is to go boating, to observe Czech capital from water it means to see it from another perspective, feel it slow romantic atmosphere and have a rest after long walk through the city. May is a season of sidewalk cafes, it’s such a pleasure to relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy soft warm sunbeams. Do not forget to taste delicious Czech cuisine, the diversity of meals surely surprise you.

Prague Events In May In 2018

Spring in Prague is a time of cultural events and performances. From 12th of May to 3d of June the lovers of classical music could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of International Musical festival “Prague spring”. The festival is devoted to a famous Czech composer Bedrich Smetana.

For those who love cheerful songs, lively dances and unbridled joy International Roma festival “Khamoro” opens its doors from 27th of May to 2d of June. Concert program “Khamoro” will take place in different cultural centers, clubs, parks and museums. The main musical event will be held in the historic city center beginning in Wenceslas Square and spreading around the Old Town.

One more significant event in Czech capital is a Beer festival which takes place from 16th of May and lasts 17 days. However during the festival citizens and guests taste over 70 beer brands as well as various beer snacks and traditional dishes of national Czech cuisine.


Like in other EU countries in May Czechs also celebrate the Liberation Day on 8th of May. In Czechia in this day people go to warlike equipment shows, participate in peace actions and lay wreathes and flowers to the graves of soldiers.

On the 15th on May locals celebrate Navalis — John’s from Nepomuk celebrations on the water at Charles Bridge. This tradition is over 300 years. Do plan a visit to Prague on this day.

I sincerely hope, that you find May in Prague as a suitable month for your trip. If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comment below. Text me with dates of your trip, budget, number of people and wishes for Prague to ( From my side I will compile the plan and share it with you.